Ysgol Nofio Freedom

Being able to swim increases confidence, and can become an enjoyable and healthy total fitness hobby. Whether it is to improve your stroke or start from scratch, Knighton Sports Centre Swim School is perfect for all.

Here at Knighton Sports Centre we deliver the Swim Wales Aquatic Framework. This means your child will be following a nationally recognised syllabus and awards system produced by swimming’s governing body.

It is our policy to ensure that all our lessons are enjoyable, interesting and above all we aim for the highest standards of water confidence, water skills and swimming techniques.

Our Swimming Teachers follow continuous assessment which means swimmers progress at their own pace and move class once the assessment criteria has been achieved.

Ysgol Nofio Freedom

Ton 1 (het goch)

Datblygu hyder a diogelwch yn y dwr, ac wrth fynd i mewn ac allan o'r pwll. Dysgwch arnofio sylfaenol, sgwlio a thechnegau anadly. Dechrau dysgu nofio ar eich blaen, nofio ar y cefn a broga neu pilipala, gyda chymorth os oes angen.

Ton 2 (het oren)

Gallu i neidio i mewn i'r pwll. Gwella sgwlio, fel y bo'r angen a thechnegau anadlu. Gleidio efo'ch corff yn syth. Nofio pellteroedd byr ar y bol, ar y cefn a broga neu pilipala, heb gymhorthion.

Ton 3 (het melyn)

Casglwch gwrthrych o lawr y pwll. Gwella sgwlio ac arnofio. Dysgwch sut i droedio dwr. Dysgwch y cod SAFE. Nofio pellteroedd byr o bob un o'r pedwar strôc: ar y bol, ar y cefn, broga a pilipala heb gymhorthion.

Ton 4 (het gwyrdd)

Dysgwch sut i wneud cychwyn dolffin o dan y dwr. Dysgwch lleoli HELP. Gwella technegau dwr arnofiol a troedio dwr. Gwella techneg o bob un o'r pedwar strôc.

Ton 5 (het glas golau)

Dysgwch neidiau o siapau gwahanol. Dysgwch syt i wneud summersault ymlaen a hand stand yn y drw. Gwella sgwlio a thechnegau goroesi personol. Nofio pellteroedd hirach yn y pedair strôc, gan gynnwys 25m o'ch hoff strôc.

Ton 6 (het glas tywyll)

Dysgwch sut i gynhesu yn briodol ar gyfer ymarfer corff a pham. Dysgwch sut i wneud summersault ôl, deifio wyneb pen cyntaf a deifio o eistedd. Gwella technegau goroesi personol gan gynnwys nofio gyda dillad. Nofio pellteroedd hirach yn y pedair strôc, gan ganolbwyntio ar dechneg.

Ton 7 (het porffor)

Dysgwch sut i ddeifio. Gwella fel y bo'r angen, sgwlio, troedio dwr a sgiliau chylchdroi. Nofio pellteroedd hirach yn y pedair strôc. Nofiocymysg unigol. Nofio fel rhan o dîm mewn ras gyfnewid.


swim school members information

Our swim school programme runs for 50 weeks of the year, during all school holidays with a 2 week break for Christmas.

Swim hats

Swim hats are worn by all children in the scheme and are colour coded to identify the swim level. Hats are provided on joining the scheme and when progressing through levels. Replacement hats are available to purchase from reception.

Free swimming

Don’t forget your child’s freedomleisure membership card entitles them to FREE swimming during all public swim sessions. This allows them to practice what they learn each week during lessons. Some levels take time to progress to the next level - swimming between lessons can help to speed up the process.

Direct debit cancellation

Starfish direct debit membership can be cancelled giving 31 days written notice, prior to your next direct debit payment. Please complete the cancellation form, available at reception.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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