Swansea reopening FAQ's

When will you be re-opening?

We will reopen in line with the Government guidance on the 3rd May for individual exercise in our gym and pool, indoor group exercise classes & group swimming lessons. Opening times and classes programs have been enhanced from when we closed in December as we are expecting a high demand in the early weeks of opening.  Our website and social media will have all the details for each of our sites in Swansea.

Are you opening on the bank holiday?

We will most definitely be opening on the 3rd May and will be running our normal Monday hours and program in the anticipation that you will want to get back to it straight away.

For those that can’t wait until the morning we are actually opening Penlan Leisure Centre at 12am on the 3rd May for individual gym and swim.  This is open to members from all freedom Swansea sites. You can book your session online, 8 days in advance.

Are you doing outside classes?

From the 26th April to the 2nd May we will be offering an outside class program, here is a link to what’s happening and how to book: https://www.freedom-leisure.co.uk/centres/lc-swansea/news-lc-swansea/outdoor-fitness-classes/

Do you have a virtual program running and will it continue after you re-open?

We have been offering an enhanced Virtual Classes programme that you can watch live, or stream at a time suitable for you. Access our virtual programme here. 

As we re-open we will adjust the program to reflect our physical classes program but we will continue to offer a virtual program as part of your membership at no further charge.

What is happening to my Gym or Learn to swim direct debit membership?

Since January your direct debt was put on hold automatically and you have not been charged since.  We are now in the process of starting this back from the 1st May (actually taken 4th May).  To recognise the short period in December when we were closed and the restrictions we are having to put in place in May your first month has been reduced by 50%.

What happens if I have an annual membership?

Good news - we will automatically extend your annual membership by the relevant closure period so you don't lose out.

What if I, my son or daughter are part of the Learn to Swim programme and come every week?

We have held your time and day in our programme from December last year so no changes there.  We are starting our one to one and group lessons from Tuesday 4th May.  Great news is that we will be introducing Home portal from June this year which will allow you to see your children’s progress online, we will be announcing further information on this shortly.

What if I have booked for an activity or product during the closure period?

Don’t worry you will not be out of pocket. We will hold your booking and when we re-open we will re-arrange your booking without charge as soon as practical. 

What if we are a team or club who has booked (invoiced) and already paid for a pitch or sports hall space?

We have refunded most customers now or agreed that we will credit your sessions for when we start back, which is already underway for our junior clubs outside.

When will I be able to book a fitness class, lane swim or gym slot?

Over lockdown we have been working on improving our customer management system and we are delighted to announce that we have a brand new system, designed to make life easier for you.  You will soon receive an e-mail letting you know how to register, if you have not already got it.  Once you have done this then you will be able to book swimming, a gym session, fitness classes and lots of other products online all in one place! 

If you don’t get an e-mail this probably means we don’t have the correct information for you. Don’t worry we have still created you an account but we will need you to contact your local site and update us with you current e-mail address.

When will I be able to book the LC waterpark again?

You will be able to visit the LC Waterpark from the bank holiday 3rd May!  We will be running our full feature sessions with all the slides and features from day one but numbers are limited for social distancing so please book in advance to avoid disappointment at https://thelcswansea.digitickets.co.uk/tickets

You will be able to book your future sessions from Wednesday 21st April.

Can I continue to use the Technogym 'My Wellness' App?

The App will continue to work as normal and you can still manage, track and record all your exercise in or outside our centres across the city.  You will be able to record your at-home workouts to and you can also link your Strava, Fitbit and Garmin so your exercise is all in one place.

How can I keep updated with any changes or adjustments to your programme?

We will be unable to answer the phones at site until the 30th April but will be monitoring our social media and e-mails. We will be updating our social media platforms and website in the lead up to re-opening and if you are looking to join we have a great offer for joining the gym.

Want to join the gym now we are starting back?

Good to hear, we have a great joining offer coming out soon, leave us your details below and we will contact you as soon as we can to get you started or invite you in to have a look at our refurbished gyms across the city.

We thank you for the continued support of your local leisure centre and for your understanding.

We look forward to welcoming you back very soon.

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