Operational Partnerships

Since 2002 we have successfully expanded our partnership working with local authorities and charities and now operate over 90 leisure, heritage and cultural facilities on behalf of 27 valued partners across England and Wales.

Wealden Leisure Limited is a genuine not for profit organisation with HMRC approved exempt charity status. We have no shareholders and as an exempt charity we re-invest all our surpluses back into the services we operate.

Our objective is the provision of high quality and affordable community leisure, heritage and cultural facilities for the local communities which we serve and we are committed to their on-going improvement.

We achieve this through well-operated, well resourced facilities that adapt to changing local needs. We recognise that our leisure service delivery must provide good quality, inclusive, accessible, affordable sport, leisure and cultural activities that improve overall health and well-being.

We are committed to working in partnership with our Local Authority partners and other local providers in a multi-agency approach to deliver shared outcomes. This results in a more efficient, better quality service and addresses issues that are important to local people.

Partnerships are about people and relationships. A successful partnership will be built on communication, hard work, and a readiness to create solutions in pursuit of a single, shared community and economic vision for the areas sport, health and community development.

a vision built on principles

  • Developing a real partnership, with a can-do ‘spirit’ and bold goals, using the respective strengths of all partners.
  • Creating a challenging and ‘very special’ environment in which innovation and creativity from all parties in relation to the service is expected, encouraged, enabled and supported.
  • Mutual trust, honesty, transparency and a collaborative approach to decision-making.
  • Focus on forming a single, seamless, joined-up service, designed to respond to changing needs, educational requirement, expectations and market demands.
  • Sharing of risk, successes and learning.
  • Shared respect and understanding of the wider community and economic issues relating to the service.
  • Sharing of knowledge and data for the good of the partnership.
  • Synergistic pursuit of strategic outcomes, based on the needs of existing and future customers.
  • Joint performance management and continuous value improvement.
  • Relishing the worth of what we do – creating a real ‘buzz’ with a real ‘wow factor’ - enjoying it and celebrating success!

working in partnership

We work in a wide range of communities with differing issues and needs and have become adept at delivering bespoke schemes, commissions and programmes that engage with these groups to get them active and keep them healthy no matter what their age.

We firmly believe that there is a link between activity and health. Our commitment to increasing participation generally is augmented by the many schemes we run and manage at our sites and out in the community; on behalf of, or in partnership with local authorities, schools and public health commissioners.

As a Council leisure partner we appreciate that we have a wider role to play and can make a significant contribution to key priorities: 

  • Provide value for money services
  • Promote thriving communities
  • Encourage a thriving economy
  • Protect and improve our environment

We are committed to working in partnership with our Local Authority partners and other local providers in a multi-agency approach to deliver shared outcomes for the communities in which we operate

Ian Morey, Business Development Director