Supporting you through your menopause

We want to offer our female members support throughout the year, with advice and classes focusing on supporting your body through a time of change

October 14 2021

World Menopause day takes place on 18th of october. we know that the menopause does not affect just one day of the year for many of our customers and so we are dedicated to offering support, resources, classes and programmes for all of the women who use our centres


The menopause happens to 50% of the population, but is often spoken about in hushed voices or even ignored. With so many of our members going through the menopause at some point in their lives we want to show our ongoing support. All of our instructors are educated or have lived experience themselves so are here to speak about specific exercises that can benefit your body and your mind in this time of change. 

Bookmark this page and keep coming back, with health professionals, instructors and members all adding content, tips, and videos this page will be updated regularly and will offer real, practical advice, lived stories and class highlights to support you and your body! 


Menopause Stories

“I thought I need to get healthier and get fitter because my body is changing, there is nothing I can do about that but I want to try and keep up with it and deal with these changes better.”


This girl can sussex network forum



Jo fuller - the merry menopause

Deb bullen - this girl can champion

Liz Prinz - women in sport

Loretta lock - this girl can champion 

This Girl Can Sussex Network forum: Menopause and Physical Activity

women in sport inspiring women to be active during menopause 

Within this new research, Women in Sport examined every aspect of women’s lives over a five-month period to fully understand their experiences of menopause and physical activity and uncover the barriers that women experience to being active throughout midlife and menopause.

Benefits of Cardio during menopause
Socialising in group exercise
Anxiety, yoga and pilates
Weight bearing exercises during menopause
Using weights during menopause