our journey to be net zero by 2030

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Environmental and Sustainability Commitments, targeting net zero across our operation by 2030. These commitments demonstrate the ongoing focus we have on our environmental performance and how we continue to build on our past successes.

Our commitments to net zero

  • Achieve net zero at our support office in Sussex and our first leisure centre in 2023
  • Achieve our first net zero swimming centre in 2024
  • Achieve net zero at multiple leisure centres in 2025
  • Achieve 50% carbon reduction in 2025
  • Achieve 50% of our leisure centres with at least one form of on-site renewable energy generation
  • Achieve zero waste to landfill at all sites

  • Achieve net zero across our operations by 2030

Leisure centres can contribute as much as 40 per cent of a council’s carbon footprint and we are actively playing our part in helping our local authority partners to realise their net zero targets. 

We are committed to working with our local authority partners, customers and, crucially, our staff teams to achieve these ambitious targets. A robust sustainability culture is already embedded in our organisation and the senior leadership team has prioritised environmental management and sustainability as a core business objective in the medium-term plan. Ambitious targets have been set to reduce carbon in all our leisure centres and supply chain, reduce waste, increase recycling while adopting renewable energy sources.

Through these commitments we aim to play our part in reducing emissions and contributing to the global target. We acknowledge that we cannot do this in isolation and are committed to supporting and working alongside our partners in the public sector, as well as our suppliers and customers to ensure that through a collective journey we make this happen.

Ivan Horsfall Turner | Freedom Leisure's CEO

To strengthen our focus we recently announced the appointment of Angela Brown as our new Sustainability and Environmental Manager who will play a key role in driving the sustainability and environmental efforts in over 100 leisure facilities across England and Wales. We are proud to have been recognised for our achievements to date winning the National Energy Managers Partnership Award in 2021 and we have been shortlisted in the National Energy Efficiency Awards.

To reach our net zero target, we have developed our commitments to accelerate our pace and scale so that we meet, if not surpass, our ambitious environmental targets.  Our core business of supporting healthy lifestyles goes beyond just people’s physical activity goals but extends to our communities and the environment. It is therefore becoming crucial for us to do everything we can to play our part in tackling the global climate crisis.