Vorgee at Freedom Leisure

January 8 2018

Vorgee Goggles are for everyone, regardless of whether you are looking for style, performance or price. We are proud to stock them in our Freedom Leisure centres with swimming pools.

The passion and desire of Vorgee to make high quality swimming products and swim gear accessible and easy to understand for all, has led to Vorgee becoming one of the leading and most preferred aquatic brands.

Vorgee is committed to producing quality, innovative and stylish products, and achieves this by:

  • Utilizing only the highest quality materials
  • Creating and producing products that comply with the highest International Standards, including European, Australian, USA and Canadian Consumer Safety Standards.
  • Researching the latest in product technologies and advancements.
  • Applying and adhering to strict quality control measures to produce products which meet their expectations
  • Identifying consumer trends and preferences to guide product development
  • Injecting bright colours and latest fashion trends into their designs.

Freedom Leisure chose to work with Vorgee due to the strong desire they have to give back to the community and their committment to supporting the swimming and wider community. Their community involvement focuses on health and safety, swimming development, leisure and competition.