Swansea Multi-Sport Holiday Camp FAQs

Holiday Camp FAQs...

what time is drop off and pick up? 

Drop off for both camps, age 5 - 7 and age 8 - 11, is between 08:15 - 08:55

Pick up for the 5 - 7 age group is 15:00 and for the 8 - 11 years it's 17:00

What will my child need to bring to holiday camp? 

We get up to lots in our holiday camps. To make sure your child has the best day please make sure they have; 

1. A packed lunch and snacks. You can give them some money to spend in our vending machines (only if they are good!)   

2. Plenty of water 

3. Sun cream and a sun hat (applicable in our spring and summer camps) 

4. A rain coat or jacket 

We advise, following the same principles of schools, that children refrane from bringing mobile devices with them to camp. However, if they need to bring one this needs to be kept in their bag and is brought at the owners risk. 

are meals included in the holiday camp? 

Typically children will need to bring their own pack lunch and snacks with them. However, there is an option at our holiday camp in the LC Swansea to buy a hot meal for your child for an additonal charge. 

what a typical day at camp? 

We start the day with a fun arrival game. This is a game where children can get involved in a game with their new friends and teammates.

Our multi sport camps aim to give your child experiences in lots of sports. No day is the same but one thing is for sure, your child will have huge amonts of fun! Your child will have three sports sessions in any given day, in these sessions our coaches will run drills to help build the skill set your child needs to practise specific sports. These sports include, but are not exclusive to: 

  • Football 
  • Rugby 
  • Netball 
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Rounders
  • Tennis
  • Cricket 
  • Basketball 

If your child is in the older age group (8 - 11 years) they will also be swimming, so please make sure they have swimming kit with them. If your child is in the younger age group (5 - 7 years) they wont be able to swim as part of the camp but they will have an inflatable session at the end of the day! 


will my child be taking part in activities outside? 

Fresh air is great! If the weather permits, our holiday camps will have activities indoors and outdoors throughout the day. 

how will you be keeping my child safe during the camp? 

Your child's safety is our number one priority. We implement nationally recommended ratios (5 - 7 years 1:8 and 8 - 11 years 1:20), have experience trained sport coaches, implement risk assessments and ensure all safeguarding is taken into account. 

If your child has an accident in camp the sport coach will report this to the assistant manager and you will be informed of any accidents or incidences that may occur during the camp.

If you DO NOT consent for your child to be in photos please email us with your childs name and the camps they will be attending 

On the first day your child comes to camp we will ask you to fill out a medical history form, emergency contact details and details regarding pick up and drop off personnel. We will keep this in our record file to ensure we can contact you if needs be.  

what covid-19 procedures do you have in place? 

Our staff will be wearing masks, unless exempt, when coaching at our camps. Children under the age of 18 are not asked to socially distance from one another but our coaches aim to keep all games and sport sessions socially distance for extra precaution. 
Children will have regular breaks to give plenty of time in the day to get hands washed. Coaches will also administer hand sanitiser and wash down equipment after use. 

my child is nervous about coming to camp, what can i do? 

We remember being young and taken to our first holiday camp.  A daunting new place, with new people where we were left for a number of hours throughout the school holidays.  While we guarantee that our coaching team will make even the most shy child feel entirely welcome and comfortable at our camps, here are a few tips that you can follow to help them settle…

Re-assure them that all children feel a little nervous – it is totally normal and they will forget all about it when they are too busy having fun!  Remind them that they were nervous when you collect them (and they are bright red from running so much!) – this is a fantastic reassurance mechanism. 

Let our coaches know when you drop them off that they are nervous. Our team can then work extra hard to make sure they feel settled and make friends. 

did we answer all your questions? If not, please email here and we can give you further details