Covid-19 Update - FAQs

Government guidelines and restrictions have been updated in England (Monday 19 July) and Wales (Saturday 7 August).

Due to the changes to Government guidance and restrictions we have updated our frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Do customers have to wear face coverings while in the Centre?

Customers in England: Customers can wear face coverings if they wish, however in line with Government guidance the wearing of face masks is not mandatory

Customers in Wales: Face coverings remain a legal requirement in indoor public spaces such as leisure centres and gyms, and therefore customers are required to wear face coverings.

How can I help keep my local leisure centre COVID safe?

We will continue to have cleaning stations available and we would ask our customers to clean down equipment after use.

Are there still COVID restrictions around capacities for indoor & outdoor sporting activities?

No. There are no longer COVID restrictions which determine how many people can take part in an indoor or outdoor physical sports activity. Indoor sports, such as swimming, gym, exercising in groups, racquet sports, team sports and other activities can now proceed without any restrictions.

Test and Trace, what are you doing?

We will carry on displaying the QR code to help the NHS in combating the virus. We still advise everyone to check in. If you don’t have the NHS COVID-19 App and still wish to log your details, please ask a member of our team, who will be happy to log your visit

Are spectators allowed to attend indoor and outdoor activities?

Spectators are able to attend Indoor and Outdoor activities including swimming lessons. If these areas are crowded and in line with the government guidance, a face mask should be worn.

Will fitness equipment and facilities which were temporarily closed due to Government guidance or had restricted access now be available?

Yes. We will be making more fitness equipment available and facilities which we had to temporarily close or restrict access to will now be available to use. If for any reason this is not the case we will let you know in advance.

How can I keep up with my local Centres news & updates?

Check your local leisure centre website and social media pages for news & updates. We also send updates & news via email. If you don’t receive emails from us, please check you are signed into receive email by asking one of reception team on your next visit.