The Types Of Classes That We Do

You can pay and play on all of our fitness classes or unlimited access is included with a membership.

What's Included

Instructor-Led Classes

Enjoy a variety of instructor-led classes a week!

Something For Everyone

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned fitness goer we have classes to suit all abilities.

Great Membership Offers

If you are looking to use us more than once a week then we have some great cost effective memberships.

MyRide Studio

A recently refurbished indoor MyRide Studio offering scenic virtual cycling locations and a highly immersive cycling experience to take our Freedom MyRide classes…

Why Take Part In Classes?

Why Take Part In Classes?

Possibly the best thing about group exercise is the very fact it is led by a professional. Unlike going solo in the gym or at home, attending a class is the next best thing to having a personal trainer, making it a really affordable way to spend time with someone who can help you achieve your fitness and better body goals.

Not only that, it’s a lot of fun, with an added social element to keep you motivated to return week after week and remain active for longer.

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