Important changes to the Swim Academy

Dear Parent / Carer

We are writing to advise you of some proposed changes in 2022 that we hope will provide a better quality of visit.

However, first of all we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during the reopening of our pools and the restart of swimming lessons.

We have had significant challenges with Learn2 (the Home Portal) which had to be completely rebuilt in August and all children rebooked on to their swimming lessons. Additionally, as you may be aware, there is a national shortfall of swimming instructors and our aim is to offer a highly qualified, professional and consistent quality of service within our Swim Academy.

We have taken several proactive steps to improve retention and recruitment to ensure we hold onto our instructors and also that we are able to recruit with enough depth to provide cover when required and flexibility. We have also reviewed our processes for contacting and communicating with parents and we would appreciate any feedback on your experience and whether you prefer a phone call or an email.


In January 2022, we will be progressing to a 50-week academy from a 44-week academy. This means that swimming lessons will be running every week during the year except for the two weeks of the Christmas holidays. This is a normal practice within the leisure sector as it provides consistency and frequent instructor contact that ensures swimmers progress positively and steadily whilst reducing regression during breaks.

At the same time, we will be ‘contracting’ our swim instructors, which means that they will have a greater degree of security and commitment and we will be able to manage and plan ‘leave’ to provide more consistency of instruction.

We will soon be starting some major upgrade works at Applemore, Ringwood and Totton. The pools will not be affected during this time and whilst there may be some construction works in parts of our buildings, we believe that customers will be excited to see how the projects are progressing and to be able to get a sense of them taking shape.

We will write to you again in December with details of any changes to direct debit payments and provide further updates on the projects.


Joanne Bailey
Service Manager
Freedom Leisure New Forest
023 8200 0299