Newent Triathlon 2019

August 1 2019

Take part in a friendly community Sprint Triathlon in Newent. Swim 26 lengths of pool, cycle picturesque flat route via Taynton, Highleadon and Malswick and run along the route of ‘Newent Park Run’. There will be a memento for all finishers and various award categories for top two Male, Female and Team.

event information Date: 22 september 2019

Venue: freedomleisure newent

Race Pack - essential to read before the day!

Safety Information


Race details


Please arrive in the corridor next to the changing rooms 15 minutes before your race start time, where a Marshall will mark your upper arm and lower leg with your race number.  Wait here until you are called to enter the pool.

No swimming aids, including compression tights, or wet suits are allowed.  Goggles may be worn.  Any stroke or combination of strokes may be used except butterfly and backstroke.

Overtaking may take place at any time during the swim – do not impede oncoming swimmers.  Alternatively you may touch the preceding swimmer on the foot and they are compelled to let you overtake at the end of that length.


Change from swim to cycle gear in the transition area.  NO NUDITY IN TRANSITION – this is a disqualification offence.

Remember that no outside assistance is allowed in transition or on the cycle route.



Helmets must be worn at all times – failure to do so will mean disqualification.  Your helmet must be on your head at all times, and fastened, when in contact with your bike. Drafting (or Slip Streaming is not allowed) and no fairings or streamline devices may be used.  Tri bars and disc wheel, (rear wheel only), may be used.

Competitors will be responsible for the roadworthiness of their bikes, though basic checks will be made by the Marshall’s at Transition entry point.  No accompanying vehicles are allowed on the course and anyone receiving assistance will be disqualified.

The Highway Code must be obeyed at all times as should all instructions from the police or race officials.  The Organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever regarding the conduct of competitors whilst on the public highway.  The course does include a section of the B4215 – please take extra care!  Take care at all junctions and keep to the LEFT at all times.  All turns will be Marshalled, however Marshall’s are not allowed to direct traffic, so do not expect them to do so.

Please see further information on the bike requirements and disqualifications in the competitors Race Pack.



Note: be sure to check the route it is 2 laps.

Only running, walking or crawling permitted – outside assistance will mean disqualification.

Leave transition return up the slope to join the run course

Please note this is an ‘off-road’ course and as such may be slippery and there are a few raised tree roots.  Please wear appropriate footwear and take care.   Return though Gate 2 under the Finish arch on completion. 


Newent Community School catering team will be providing hot food and refreshments in aid of Sue Ryder, a charity close to their hearts.

A big thank you to the previous committee members for all their hard work over the past 18 years. They have done a superb job and I look forward to what the future holds for Newent Triathlon. See you in 2019!

Steph Moreland - Race Director

Thank you Gooch Sports for sponsoring our local trophies:

Overall winner Male & Female and 1st Local Male & Female

contact us for more information or call 07710708870