We encourage all people in Brighton & Hove, regardless of ability to age well. As a nation we have an ageing population- Whilst this is a positive outcome from improved health care and standards of living, our ageing populations are also costing our services millions of pounds due to inactivity.

Businesses are being asked to do more in terms of supporting their workforces to be healthier. From regular breaks and supporting employees to take part in sport and physical activity. Businesses face rising costs in terms of ill health and absenteeism at work, with the current cost to the UK economy around £15 billion per year.


We want to get all people more active, including those who find their working life in Brighton & Hove a reason for not being as active as they may want. The most recent health advice suggested that inactivity, particularly related to sitting at a desk or in a vehicle, is unhealthy behaviour. With this in mind we want to work with more local businesses to find out what their employees would love to do with us to get more active around their job. We offer a corporate membership rate for local businesses.

For more information contact your local Sport and Leisure Centre.


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