Active Communities Fenland

Active Communities Fenland works with a wide range of local groups and national partners to get people of all ages and abilities more active across a range of programmes delivered in local communities and leisure facilities

Working in partnership with Fenland District Council and with local organisations, we have developed our 2019-20 Active Communities Development Plan which focuses on developing fun and inclusive programmes across our 6 themes.

Please click on our framework link below to see an overview of the partnership work we are currently implementing across Fenland

To find out more or to get involved with our Active Communities Development Plan and programmes across 2019-20, please contact Fenland's Active Communities Manager:

Christopher Bryden

07500 861729 /

Through our dedicated Active Communities services, Freedom Leisure aims to contribute to creating an active nation by working with our valued partners by developing bespoke local programmes to meet local need... where customers, clients and staff matter

Hannah Gilday, Group Active Communities Manager

In Fenland, we develop a wide range of sport and physical activity programmes, working with Living Sport (Active Partnership for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough) and local organisations. In 2019, Freedom Leisure is sponsoring the 'Sports Performance of the Year' award at the Living Sport Sports Awards.

We work with children, young people and families across Fenland of all ages and abilities to encourage them to develop a postive experience of sport and physical activity.

We encourage all people in Fenland, regardless of ability to age well. We offer unlimited swimming for Over 75's across our centres with a swimming pool in Fenland (March, Wisbech and Whittlesey) and are developing a range of new initiatives to encourge older adults to have fun, socalise and focus on improving mental and physical wellbeing.

Across Fenland, we work with community groups and organisations to develop even more opportunities for local people to get involved in fun activities. Our Active Communities Fenland facebook page is where you will find information on the latest projects

We want to get all people more active, including those who find their working life in Fenland a reason for not being as active as they may want. As ‘sitting is the new smoking’, we want to work with more local businesses to find out what their employees would love to do with us to get more active around their job.

Health and physical activity come hand in hand and we know the importance of preventing health issues later in life. We offer local health programmes including our Exercise Referral Scheme. Our staff across local facilities are trained to encourage everyone who wants to improve their health into an opportunity for them.

“Our team have been tasked with delivering an active community outreach programme for your area and its communities. At Freedom Leisure it is our key objective to enable more people, to be more active, more often”

Christopher Bryden, Active Communities Manager (Fenland)

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Active Communities Fenland

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Address: c/o The George Campbell Leisure Centre, City Road, March, Cambridgeshire, PE15 9LT.