Active Young People

With 15.3% of the Derbyshire Dales population aged under 16 years, we will be developing a wide range of innovative programmes including free swimming for under 5's, learn to swim and the junior fitness classes to encourage young people across the Derbyshire Dales to be more active. As a nation, this is the first time that those having children in this decade, may out-live their children as a result of inactivity.

school holiday activities

All 4 of the leisure centres in the Derbyshire Dales offer a wide range of holiday activities for children and families each school holiday.

For more information visit each centres page.

arc adventure soft play

The all-new five storey soft play area at Arc Leisure Matlock is a fantastic secret weapon in any parents and or guardians arsenal of activities to keep the kids (from toddlers to pre-teens) entertained, providing a safe and fun physical activity. Even better, this kind of active play has been proven to help children to develop better physical, social, mental and emotional skills. They can push their bodies to safe limits and practise balancing, jumping and climbing without risk of serious injury should they misjudge something.

junior fitness classes

Arc Leisure Matlock hosts two junior fitness classes aimed at 11 - 16 year olds to allow them to get fit in a safe and sociable environment, these classes are:

- Junior circuits, Mondays 5-6pm

- Junior indoor cycling, Tuesdays 4:45-5:30pm

junior swim school programme

Swimming is a fundamental life skill that everyone should have the opportunity to develop and help them stay safe near the water.

Freedom Leisure works in partnership with Swim England and offers a great environment for children from 3 months of age or to learn how to swim, improve their swimming skills or find new aquatic challenges at Arc Leisure Matlock, Ashbourne Leisure Centre & Bakewell Swimming Pool

junior climbing

The 'Face' junior climbing club is Wirksworth Leisure Centre's junior climbing programme is led by instructors with years of experience are designed with progression in mind. 

The syllabus has been created specifically to ensure your child has a structured and thorough approach from Level 1 covering basic skills up to Level 3 learning advanced climbing skills.

The junior climbing programme is suitable for ages 8-16 years old.