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Apprenticeship Levy: Everything you need to know with help from Freedom Leisure Training Consultancy

With the Government’s introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy the changes have started to affect the way apprenticeships are now delivered throughout England.

Freedom Leisure Training has a consultancy service that will help you to navigate your way around the Levy with ease and help you optimise your funding.  This will enable you to have confidence with your future Apprenticeship and Training Strategy. We will explain the Apprenticeship Levy in detail.  Clarify terms and the different types of Levy: Non –Levy paying employers, Small employer co-investment waiver and additional payments.

what does our consultancy offer?

  • How to work as an Employer Provider
  • How to access funding for large or small employers
  • Understanding the Levy and payments
  • How to identify and fill the skills gap
  • Mapping existing training plans to Apprenticeships
  • Up-skilling your workforce with Levy funding
  • Identifying the Standards that meet your business needs
  • Using the Digital Apprenticeship Service account

You will be able to:

  • Gain and retain employees with tailored skills and knowledge
  • Managing your Levy funds to maximise the benefit
  • Enhance your workforce development and engagement
  • Demonstrate your commitment to investing in people

we can help answer the following questions and more...

Who pays for the training costs of the apprenticeship? Who recruits the apprentice?

How can I be sure the apprentice will learn skills and knowledge relevant to my business?

Are there limitations on the type of employee who can use an Apprentice?

As a small company our resources are limited, how will Freedom Leisure Consultancy give us the skills to help us manage the Apprenticeship Scheme?

how do i make use of this?

To help you get started we are offering a free initial telephone consultation. After determining your needs we schedule half hour / one hour phone consultations and a half day face-to-face consultations. We appreciate that every company’s needs are different and we offer the free telephone consultation to discuss how we can offer bespoke support to your organisation.