personal training

Let one of our Personal Trainers help you achieve your goals by addressing your individual needs and requirments to formulate a plan of action

By working with one of our Personal Trainers, anyone can achieve their health and fitness goals - which can be as modest as touching your toes again or as ambitious as preparing to run a marathon! Whether you are looking to lose weight, regain some flexibility, develop your speed or simply just feel good, personal training is an activity that will benefit your body for many years to come.

To find out more about Personal Training or to book a session email, or speak to a Gym Instructor.

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The Village Health Club team

Meet Pip

Having always been a gym bunny and runner for many years, 4 years ago I decided to take a career change and train to become a Personal Trainer. To which my dad replied 'isn't that a young person's game'. I then reminded him that he was a 7- year old barefoot runner!

Fitness is accessable to everyone, young or old. It promotes positive attitudes, positive mindsets and positive gains.

Just remember, failure is not an option.

Meet Abe

Making a permanent lifestyle change and regular physical activity should be fun! Let me show you how!

I emphasise making lifestyle changes that are realistic and permanent. Communication and education play key roles in understanding the importance of balance and physical activities required to achieve your goals.

My commitment to you is:

You will achieve better health, strength, fitness and flexibility with my personal fitness plans. Together we will get you fitter and stronger, enhancing your confidence and self-esteem. Your mobility and flexibility will improve and you will look and feel fantastic with the energy to match.

Meet Harry

Staying fit and eating healthily were vital to transforming my mental health and that is why I chose to become a Personal Trainer; so I could help others do the same. Therefore, my main training and dieting philosophies are that long term consistency trumps short term intensity, don't do anything you don't like doing, and if you can't start the regime right now then don't start it at all.

Further to the mental health side of diet and exercise, I like to focus on weight loss and hypertrophy. I spend a lot of my time researching ways to make training more effective and then testing out promising theories to see what works in the real world. If I'm not researching then I might be in the kitchen coming up with low calorie recipes that satisfy cravings.

Together, with my expertise and your desire for change, we can go far.

Come and find me if you're interested - I'd love to have a chat and get started on this journey together!

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Freelance Personal Training

We are looking for driven, business minded team players, who want to operate as freelance Personal Trainers, and are looking for the opportunity to develop their own business and the business of the gym in which they work. If this sounds like something you are interested in, then we would like to hear from you.