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Are you lacking motivation or want to get more from your workout? Our personal trainers are here to help motivate, educate and support you on your fitness journey. With their expertise, they will guide you every step of the way and help you achieve your desired results. Read more about our PTs below!


"I am a certified level 3 Personal Trainer and I specialise in weight management, circuit training and mindset preparation for fitness. Throughout my career, I have expanded my knowledge with other relevant qualifications such as; Level 4 Health and Well-being, Level 4 Corrective Exercising, Level 3 Mental Toughness and certification in proper Kettle-bell technique. As a trainer, I focus on the journey of a client and creating a bond that will allow them to hold accountability for their successes and setbacks. Everything we do is a mental battle, no matter how big or small, and once we take control of our minds, anything is possible."


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"Being a Personal Trainer isn’t a job, it’s a way of life. It enables me to change the lives and outlook of my clients and become a positive influence on their fitness journeys. Having gone through a fitness journey myself, I show empathy, positive reinforcement, and tough love to enable others to surpass their goals. My passions are weight loss, building muscle, and hypertrophy. The ambition I have for success is unparalleled and I want to go the extra mile with everything I put my mind to."




"I began my fitness career at the age of 16 while studying Sports & Leisure Management and obtaining level 1, 2 and 3 Personal Training qualifications. I started working as a Fitness Instructor designing Programmes while continuously developing my skillset over the last 16years in Hypertrophy Training, Functional, Calisthenics, and General fitness regimes enabling me to adapt to all individual needs. I strive to use health and fitness as a conduit to a healthier lifestyle adhering to Mental and Physical Health."


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