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Biocircuit is a fully connected strength and cardio training circuit offering a personalised workout to help you to achieve your goals in a short amount of time.

With no need for supervision, this training circuit offers personalised programmes, that thanks to the embedded Artificial Intelligence, selects and progresses automatically the workload during the exercise.

With one login you follow the time-based circuit give you a guided workout like no other, each piece of equipment adapts to your set up requirements providing you’re a completely guided program that requires no adjustment or waiting time since the exercises, workload, work/rest ratio and pace have been defined and integrated into your personalised workout tailored to your training goals.

Biocircuit has been designed around 4 key pillars to offer a meaningful, engaging and personal training experience.

biocircuit at The Stour Centre, Ashford

1. Personal Training Without A Trainer: Technogym Coach - the first Artificial Intelligence applied to fitness – guarantees a completely personalised experience and will always be present to support you during your training experience

2. Adaptive Posture: After the first experience, all the equipment will remember your training information

3. Precision Training: You will have your own personal and best training experience ever with the digital display providing a guide to the movement and your exercise compliance score based on parameters of your programme

4. Automatic Progression: The more you train with Biocircuit, the more you will automatically be faced to execute more reps, with more workload and with a different kind of training exercise

No matter what your fitness goals, Biocircuit gives you even more flexibility. With no need for supervision, this full connected strength training circuit offers programmes that evolve over time, gradually adjusted by Technogym Coach’s embedded AI so you reach your goals more efficiently. Seasoned users and professionals also get the freedom to use each machine as a standalone piece and fine-tune its parameters individually for a tailored workout.

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