MyWellness FAQ's

What is Freedom Leisure My Wellness?

Freedom Lesiure My Wellness is an app that helps to supports your fitness journey, it gives you workouts and programmes to help you achieve your goals. You can:

  • Ask our team to help you build a workout
  • Track all of your activity through integration with 3rd party apps such as Strava, Fitbit and Garmin
  • Keep track of your outdoor activity through the in-app GPS
  • Book classes and gym session online (apart from at The LC)

How can I download the app?

The app is available in Google Play and the Apple Store. Just search for ‘My Wellness’.


Which devices can the app be downloaded on?

You can download the app on Apple and Android devices. The app is compatible with Android versions 5 and above, and iOS 11 and above. Some functionality will be reduced on Android versions lower than 7.


How do I start using the Freedom Leisure My Wellness app?

To get started, sign into the app with your Freedom Leisure credentials. If you’re not a member you will not have access to Freedom Leisure MyWellness app, you will need to phone us to book and pay for your class or gym session over the phone.

To link your account to your Freedom Leisure facility follow the correct link below:

I’ve forgotten my member account password - What do I do?

You can click on ‘forgot password’ on the app. This will then take you through a verification journey to reset your password. Once you have changed your password, you can close your browser and sign into the app.


How do I connect the app to my gym?

Once you are signed in with your Freedom Leisure credentials, you will be asked to confirm your home gym. Please note the location on your phone will also geolocate you and show the content for the location you are in (make sure your location services are turned on for the app).


I use a number of Freedom Leisure gyms as part of my membership, Can I only have one of them on My Wellness app?

No, you can have multiple facilities on your account. When you are at a gym the app will automatically geolocate for you and ask you if you would like to add the new facility to your account. This can be done for users of the Citywide membership.

If this does not work you can ring your frequently used Freedom Leisure site and our reception team can add multiple facilities to your account.


Using the app

How do I book my classes or a gym session?

Select the facility you would like to book into. At the top of the screen you will be able to select ‘Class timetable’, click ‘See all’. You will then be able to see all classes and gym sessions that you can book. Simply book these by clicking ‘book’.


What are MOVEs? How are they calculated?

MOVEs measure your activity level. The greater the training intensity, the more MOVEs you accumulate per minute. You can view the MOVEs in the Results section of the app. Your Movergy (in the yellow circle) is your MOVEs target per day, and it is calculated on your average MOVEs over two weeks.


Can I connect my heart rate belt to the app?

This app is compatible with the major Bluetooth heart rate belts (e.g. Polar H6/H7/H10/OH1, Scosche Rhythm+, Garmin Premium/HRM-Tri). You can connect your belt by visiting the section Other → HR monitor.


Can I connect this app to other fitness apps?

You can import the data from major fitness apps into the app; go to the Settings section, and “Connect apps and devices”.


Can I change my name, surname and nickname?

In the Settings section, click on your profile photo. You can view and edit your profile photo and your personal information.


Can I change the units of measurement?

In the Settings section, click on your profile photo. You can view and edit the User preferences, such as Language, Time Zone, Unit of measurement.


How can I update weight, height and other biometric data?

In the Results section, click on the “measure” icon. Click the + icon at the top right to manually update your biometric data. If your club has the body measurement instruments connected to Actic, the data will be automatically updated.


Can I turn off notifications?

The Freedom Leisure My Wellbeing app features two notification types: “challenges” and “personal records”. These can be turned off under “Settings” and “Notifications”.


How can I start a free workout?

Go to the section My Movement → Do It Yourself; there are two ways you can add an exercise:

  • Scroll to ‘Freedom Swansea workouts' and select an exercise programme to follow
  • Scroll through the list of categories, select the exercise, enter the data and press the "Add exercise" button · You can also choose to follow a workout plan on our YouTube channel

How do I edit the reps and the parameters of an exercise when I have an open workout?

Select an exercise and press the + icon to add reps; press on the rep data to edit its parameters or to delete it. You can edit an exercise only after saving it in your workout.


How do I edit the reps and the parameters of an exercise when I have an assigned programme?

In the My Movement area, select the workout that contains the exercise you want to edit. Press the icon at the top right, select the exercise and press the + icon to add reps; press on the rep data to edit its parameters or to delete it. You can also add an exercise to the assigned programme clicking on Add exercise at the end of the list of your assigned exercises for that session.


How do I delete exercises or workouts?

In the Results area, open the detail of the task that you want to delete: press Delete activity to delete the entire workout or enter the list of exercises and scroll with your finger to one of them to delete only one or some.


Can I track my outdoor training?

There are two ways to track your outdoor training:

  • Directly in the app using Outdoor activity tracking available in home
  • Connecting third party Apps (e.g. Garmin Connect, Strava, Polar, etc.); the data will be automatically synchronised at the end of the task. 

Further FAQs can be found on your MyWellness account.


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