Activity Prices

activity prices at morgan llwyd leisure and activity centre


 Full Hall £20 
 Main Hall  
 Adult 5-a-side £35.60
 Adult main hall  £35.60
 Junior main hall £23.15
 Adult one court £7.50
 Junior one court £4.90
 Outside Areas   
 3G Junior Price (17:15-19:30) 1/3 Pitch £23.15
 3G Adult Price (17:15-21:00) 1/3 Pitch £35.65
 3G Junior (17:15-19:30) Full Pitch  £61.60
 3G Adult (17:15-21:00) Full Pitch £94.70
 DASH - 50% of standard rate for all activities

Commercial rate

A commercial rate applies to those bookings wanting to use our facilities for profit. For further information about our commercial rate

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