health & fitness at Llanfyllin

With expert guidance available, you can be sure of a safe and effective work out at Llanfyllin Gym.

Gym at Llanfyllin Sports Centre

We understand one size doesn’t fit all, so whether you prefer working out in the gym alone, within a group or you want to try one to one personal training, we can show you how to make the most of your valuable exercise time.

The Fitness Room at Llanfyllin has 12 pieces of Pulse cardio vascular equipment consisting of 2 treadmills, a cross trainer, 3 rowing machines, 4 bikes and 2 step machines. The gym also has a Powersport multi-station weight machine, a dumbbell stack ranging from 1.5kg to 30 kg and 3 training benches.

How do I get started in the gym?

All gym users are entitled to an introductory orientation with a qualified fitness instructor to guide you through the equipment and ensure that we can tailor your workout to achieve your goals and aspirations whether they want to get fit or fitter, to lose weight or tone up or you are training to be better at your chosen sport.

We can help you every step of the way and Llanfyllin has everything for your whether you are a first time gym goer or you’re an experienced athlete.

We're so proud of the gym at Llanfyllin. It has all the equipment you need for an effective and full body workout

Operations Manager