personal training

Are you looking to transform your time in the gym? Need to maximise effort/results? Want to kick start your fitness journey? Have you reached a plateau?

Benefits of personal training include:

  • Adding accountability & motivation to your workout.
  • Helping to develop a routine - and sticking to it!
  • Bringing fresh new perspectives & ideas on health, nutrition, and fitness.
  • Offering focussed support for you and your goals.
  • Providing advice on proper technique & form.
  • Helping to prevent injury and advising on injury rehab.
  • Tailored training towards a specific sporting activity.
  • Helping you make the most of your efforts - maximize workout/minimize time,
  • Supporting you to reach your goals.
  • Providing programme variety to help keep you motivated.

Meet our personal trainers...


I want to help women create realistic and sustainable goals. To help educate them on living a balanced lifestyle whilst looking after their health and well being. I have worked with many clients including post-natal and those with medical needs. My aim is to empower women through training and help them achieve their goals, that they thought werent possible.


  • Level 2 gym instructor 
  • Level 3 personal training 
  • Group indoor cycling


  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Female body transformations 
  • Personalised programming 
  • Health and well-being

Contact Information:

Mobile: 07967417664  Email: 

Instagram: alishajade_fitnessalis


I am a sports science graduate with over 18 years experience within the health and fitness industry. With my background as a professional athlete, gym and studio instructor, I have gained a wealth of knowledge of working with different clients. I will use this experience to tailor programs that are fun and motivating, that will suit your abilities and help you reach your personal goals. I look forward to making your health and exercise journey a successful and enjoyable one.


  • BSc Sports Science
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Exercise Referral instructor
  • Keiser M3 cycling instructor
  • Boxercise Instructor

Specialist Training:

  • Pro Boxing
  • Sports Conditioning
  • Fat Loss
  • Wellbeing
  • Exercise Referral

Contact Information:

Mobile: 07805534539   Email:   Instagram: lashafitness  Twitter: leonlasha


My Philosophy is to heighten all clients health and fitness functional wellbeing, allowing them to go beyond what they are capable of. I achieve this from years of programming practicing. Each client will receive their own personalised program using the knowledge I have gained from my own qualification, experiences in competition, and body transformation. From this I have been able to improve many of my clients lives in and out of the gym.


  • L2 Gym Instructor              
  • L3 Personal Trainer            
  • Nutritional Advisor          
  • Former GB / Welsh Home Nation Competitor in Powerlifting         
  • Group Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • Strength & Conditioning WRA rugby Coaching 
  • NPLQ Qualified

Specialist Training

  • Crossfit             
  • Body Transformation / weight Loss
  • Wellness        
  • Power and Strength Training           
  • Competition Preparation

Contact Information:

Mobile: 07802317333 Email:  Instagram: coreyhawkinspt


With over 10 years in the fitness industry as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, I have worked with over 100 clients, helping them all to achieve and maintain their goals. I currently work with professional athletes as a strength and conditioning coach with the aim to improve them physically. With my knowledge and experience, I aim to adopt an effective training and nutritional strategy, for all of my clients, that creates maximum progression with minimal implications on lifestyle.


  • HND in Sports Performance
  • Honors Degree in Strength and Conditioning 
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Former British Kickboxing Champion

Specialist Training:

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Fat Loss 
  • Wellbeing
  • Boxing & Martial Arts

Contact Information:

Mobile: 07383984159   Email:   Instagram: elect11  Twitter: adyb11


I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry since very early in life. Joining the Marines at the age of 16 and then at the age of 19 I became a gym instructor and lifeguard. I then went on to work with GP referrals, enjoying helping people from the community who were at a high risk of heart diseases and obesity. With over 20 years experience in the industry & my passion for health and fitness, excellent knowledge of nutrition and well-being, Happy positive attitude, I have built a healthy and expanding personal training business.


  • Level 2 gym instructor
  • Level 2 exercise to music
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 GP Referral
  • Level 3 Swedish massage
  • Elemis Aromaspa,Aromastones
  • Certificate in circuits
  • Certificate in Advanced Functional Training
  • Certificate in Nutrition

Specialist Training:

  • Body toning- body sculpting - improving muscle definition & size
  • Improving ones fitness levels 
  • Functional Training 
  • GP referral

Contact Information:

Mobile: 07584415534 Email:  Instagram:teamh24fitchris




With over 10 years of experience in the sport and fitness industry, I am confident in delivery sessions which suit all type of clients. I am passionate about my job. I motivate my client physically and mentally to work hard, so their goal is achieved . I always aim to finish the last rep in the workout as that is my main priority. I Look forward to working with you and to make the changes you want, so book me in and let get started.


  • PGCE in sport 
  • Level 3 personal trainer 
  • Exercise referral instructor 
  • Pilates instructor 
  • Swimming instructor

Specialist Training:

  • Sports conditioning 
  • Fat loss
  • Toning
  • Exercise referral 
  • Boxing
  • Wellbeing

Contact Information:

Mobile: 07967716878   Email:  Instagram: fitbymos

Contact reception to discuss further and to make an appointment. Our personal trainers are waiting to help you on your fitness journey.