Lots of space for activities

What can you find at the LC Swansea?

Not just four walls

If required we can supply table and chairs.

Changing facilities

Access to toilets and changing facilities including showers


Wi-Fi connection is accessible as well as an in-house projector.

Sports hall

we have fold away bleachers, perfect for big events.

Did you know?

Did you know?

The top two things that people look for when looking for a venue for their meeting is accessibility and parking.

The types of events we host

The types of events we host

We offer a diverse service from corporate days out from as little as just £9.95 per person to meeting spaces, from major sporting events to black tie functions.

We have hosted a range of different events to boxing competitions to craft fairs, wheelchair basketball tournaments to large corporate events. If you have an event coming up we can definitely cater for it.

Other related facilities available at our centre

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