Knighton Sports

Knighton Leisure Centre has two fabulous glass back squash courts.

glass back squash courts

It is easy to learn and can be played for leisure or as a competitive sport. Squash is a strenuous sport, in which a player can use a lot more energy than most other sports.

Squash helps to improve cardiovascular health and a game of squash will see you running, leaping and diving for the ball. Squash increases strength and fitness and helps to maintain a healthy weight. It also increases flexibility and strength in the back and promotes good coordination, agility, flexibility and improves hand–eye coordination.

Squash is still one of the best ways to stay fit and active and provides a little bit of on-court competition as well!

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Multi sports area

Our two tennis courts are situated on a multi-sport court area outside the sports centre. 

The multi-sport surface incorporates markings and equipment for such sports as hockey and football.

Also suitable for 8 a-side football.