Gwyn Evans Activity Prices April 2017

Book a weekend 5-a-side for just £10! (Offer ends 31st May 2017)

You heard correctly... you can book our entire sports hall for 5-a-side on any Saturday or Sunday throughout April & May for Just £10 per slot! (That's £1 per player)

Our all new lighting system provides the perfect lighting for your game and rain, wind and snow won't stop you!

Booking is essential as places are limited.

The new lights have made such a difference, it's like daylight inside!


activity prices at gwyn evans leisure and activity centre


 Swimming (£)
 Adult 3.75
 Junior 2.45
 Student 2.45
 Senior 2.45
 Family 9.50 
 Family extra junior 1.45
 Pool Hire 54.00
 Swimming Lessons ( DD per month) 17.60
 Gymnastics (1 hour lesson) 3.80
 Gym & Fitness  
 Adult Gym 6.25
 Junior Gym 3.45
 Student Gym 3.45
 Senior Gym 3.45
 Fitness/ Aquafit™ class* 4.75
 Metafit™ class 2.65
 Easyline™/ Active adults class 3.40
 *Based on a standard 1 hour class. Prices may vary for specialist classes. 
 Main Hall  
 Adult 5-a-side 35.00
 Adult main hall  30.00
 Junior main hall 19.50
 Adult one court 7.50
 Junior one court 4.90
 Outside Areas   
 M.U.G.A  20.00
 Tennis courts (summer only)  6.00
 DASH - 50% of standard rate for all activities

Commercial rate

A commercial rate applies to those bookings wanting to use our facilities for profit. For further information about our commercial rate

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Leisure Card

Leisure card holders can access the facility at 2016 Leisure Card prices until their card expires.

View 2016 prices here