At Freedom Leisure we offer an extensive inclusive swimming program at our venues. We deliver the Swim Wales aquatic framework and all our team are trained ASA swimming teachers. Our classes ensure improved water confidence and swimming technique by allowing the individual to progress at their own pace.

splash (ages 0 - 4) Coming soon

Splash 1&2

For adults accompanying a baby of toddler most commonly aged 4 months to 18 months but appropriate to older toddlers if it is their first experience in the water.

Splash 3

For a toddler aged up to 2 years, but also appropriate to older toddlers, accompanied in the water by an adult.

Splash 4&5

For a toddler aged 18 months to 3 years, accompanied in the water by an adult.

Splash 6

For a child aged 3 years or older unaccompanied in the water.


wave (Ages 4 - 16)

Wave 1 (red hat)

To develop confidence and safety in the water, and when getting in and getting out of the pool. Learn basic floating, sculling and breathing techniques. Start to learn front crawl, backstroke and ether breaststroke or butterfly, with aid if needed. 

Wave 2 (orange hat)

Be able to jump into the pool. Improve sculling, floating and breathing techniques. Glide in a streamline position. Swim short distances of front crawl, backstroke and ether breaststroke of butterfly, without aids.

Wave 3 (yellow hat)

Collect an object from the pool floor. Improve sculling and floating. Learn how to tread water. Learn the SAFE code. Swim short distances of all four strokes: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly without aids.

Wave 4 (green hat)

Learn how to do dolphin kicks underwater. Learn the HELP position. Improve floating and treading water techniques. Improve the technique of all four strokes. 

Wave 5 (light blue hat)

Learn different shaped jumps. Learn how to do a forward summersault & handstand in the water. Improve sculling and personal survival techniques. Swim longer distances in all four strokes, including 25m of your favourite stroke.

Wave 6 (navy blue hat)

Learn how to warm up properly for exercise and why. Learn how to do a backward summersault, head first surface dive and sitting dive. Improve personal survival techniques including swimming with clothes on. Swim longer distances in all four strokes, concentrating on technique.

Wave 7 (purple hat)

Learn how to do a plunge dive. Improve floating, sculling treading water and rotation skills. Swim longer distances in all four strokes. Swim an individual medley. Swim as part of a team in a relay race.

Wave 8 (silver hat)

Swim 25 metres of breaststroke and butterfly. Swim 50 metres of backstroke and front crawl. Improve floating, sculling, treading water and surface dive skills that are used in other aquatic disciplines. 


Junior performance squad (black hat)

Builds endurance to improve fitness and stamina, concentration on skills and technique, putting into practice everything learnt from previous waves. The main focus is to put each session together from the last progressing the key technical phases of the strokes including starts and turns, concentrating on the underwater phases and transitions into stroke to take their swimming to the next level in a fun educational atmosphere.


Rookie lifeguard

Is aimed at children- though the skills learnt throughout the course are just as valuable to people of all ages. The scheme begins with stage 1 of the bronze award and progresses to stage 3 of the gold award, staring off at an ability level suitable from wave 7 and progressing to the level where our rookie lifeguards perform impressive lifesaving tows.

A number of our lifeguards supervising the swimming pool today have been through the rookie lifeguard program when they were juniors