No Planet B!

Reduce Waste. Save Energy. Save Money. #NoPlanetB

September 26 2019

At freedom leisure we are actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint and making Chirk Leisure & Activity Centre as energy efficient as possible. However, our objectives don’t stop at our front door. We are also committed to increasing awareness amongst our customers. Below you will find handy hits and tips to help you reduce waste, save energy and save money. Because there is no planet B!

Save money saving the planet!

Get 20% off your hot drink by bringing your own cup or purchasing one of our reusable cups

Buy one of our reusable, insulated hot drinks cups and we'll give you your first hot drink for free with it. Not only that but we'll give you a 20% discount on the price of your drink every time you refill it.

Do you already have your own reusable cup? We're happy to fill any cup or mug and apply the same discount!

Lets save water!

Don't be a drip... Save water where you can!

The thing about water is that we pay for it twice! Once to bring it into our homes and once to dispose of it. So we can be paying anything between £2.50 and £3.50 per m3.

Dripping taps & Showers – Drips soon add up and a single tap left dripping could be wasting up to £50 per year! 

Faulty toilet - £3000 per year!

think before you pour money down the drain...

Green Travel Plan

Below are a few ideas about how you might travel to the centre. Think about some of the options open to you…

Walk / cycle
If you live close to the centre, think about starting your workout early and walk or cycle to the centre.

Car share
Love your car? Why not introduce your friend to your favourite workout class and share the journey and the fuel costs.

There are several bus stops serving the local area around Chirk Leisure & Activity Centre with bus services available from the surrounding areas and towns. For more information please click here.

Services are available from many towns in the surrounding areas. Our local station is Chirk Train Station it’s only a ten minute walk from the leisure centre. For more information please click here.

With all of these greener travel options available, you too can play your part in helping the environment.