Active Communities Swansea

Active Communities Swansea works with a wide range of local groups and national partners to get people of all ages and abilities more active across a range of programmes delivered in local communities and leisure facilities

Through our dedicated Active Communities services, Freedom Leisure aims to contribute to creating an active nation by working with our valued partners by developing bespoke local programmes to meet local need... where customers, clients and staff matter

Hannah Gilday - Group Active Communities Manager

Our local Active Communities Development Plan/ Framework

Working in partnership with Swansea Council, and with other organisations and documents including Sport Wales: Community Sport Strategy 2012-2020: Thriving Clubs, Local Decisions, Quality Education, Committed Workforce, Appropriate Facilities. Public Health Wales - Getting Wales Moving, Public Health Networks, Swansea Council Plan 2018-22 – People, Economy, Place. Creating an Active Swansea, we have developed our 2019-20 Active Communities Development Plan/ Framework which focusses on developing fun programmes across our 6 themes.

Active Sport

In Swansea, we have developed a wide range of junior sporting programmes to ensure children have the best start in life, working with the Sport Wales, Disability Sport Wales, local clubs and National Governing Bodies of Sport. We work in partnership with Swansea Council and sponsor the annual Swansea Sports Awards, this celebrates local talent. We work with local community clubs to ensure the sustainability of community sport in Swansea by signposting to local and national sporting grants. 

Active Young People

We work with children, young people and families across Swansea of all ages and abilities to encourage them into a more active habit for life. We have a range of holiday activities, school activity programmes; learn to swim opportunities, youth programmes and more.

Active Ageing

We encourage all people in Swansea, regardless of ability to age well. We host and lead on a range of programmes such as 60 plus free swimming, National Exercise Referral and Active Adults to encourage those aged 60+ to have fun, socialise and focus on improving mental and physical wellbeing. We are committed to improving opportunities for those facing dementia to remain active. 

Active Workforce

We want to help those already working for Freedom thrive, but we want to help Swansea become an employment destination and to help our future generation get the skills they need to give back to their communities. 

Active Health

Health and physical activity come hand in hand and we know the importance of preventing health issues later in life. We support local health programmes including; National exercise Referral and Cardiac Rehabilitation. The exercise professionals across our facilities are trained to encourage everyone who wants to improve their health into an opportunity for them.