Over 60,000 students attend our swim schools on a weekly basis. These lessons will help your child develop in their early years, and be more social, active and confident in and around water.  

We value the opportunity we have to teach this essential life skill within our local communities. Working closely with our National Governing bodies, our passionate and experienced swim teachers follow the Swim England and Swim Wales accredited framework.  

With child obesity levels on the rise and an increase in drowning incidents year on year, it’s vital as an operator that we work with you, the parents and guardians to ensure your children are kept safe in and around water and stay physically and mentally active.  

Your child will also benefit from FREE casual swim sessions as a student in our Swim School programme, which will save you money and hopefully enable you to swim with them outside of lessons.

Continue to make a positive impact on your child’s life by offering them the chance to learn to swim with us. The value of swimming will stay with your child forever. 


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