New route for 2024

In order to maintain the 13.1 miles and meet the official English Athletics criteria for this event, we are having to move the start line slightly by 70 metres but again, signage and our stewards will make sure all runners are aware of the location of the official start line.

We are very excited for this year’s event and we very much look forward to seeing you on Sunday. The Race Village remains in Victoria Park, with a race start time, as planned, of 10am. Please make sure you leave plenty of time to travel, park and the all important warm-up!

The new route – for those that know It well

Instead of turning off to go to the Isabel Trail through Holmcroft Road, you will now continue down Stone Road and reach the Eccleshall Roundabout. Here you will use the underpass to reach the other side of the road before taking a turn into Nursery Lane and continuing down the path alongside the Cemetery to reach the lower end of Isabel Trail. 

At the end of the Isabel Trail, you will cross to Doxey Road, but instead of passing through the castle estates and into the Victoria Park, you will now continue along Doxey Road and take a right turn onto Tenterbanks. 

The usual last mile will take on the town centre, passing through the newly refurbished Market Square, that acts as a great spectator Hot Spot (Its just backwards, but I don't think we need to mention)

The race start is Victoria Road – just outside Victoria Park. The line-up zone will be along Tenterbanks.

As the section of the route from the start is narrow and there are a large number of participants it will be helpful if you can line up according to your anticipated finish time, to ensure minimal congestion.

If each runner adopts this sensible approach everyone will move away from the start more smoothly, everyone will be able to get into their running quickly, without incident and have an enjoyable run.

Take up a position behind the start line that is appropriate for your estimated finishing time. There will be estimated finish time markers displayed along the start area fencing and pace runners to help you.

Start Area & Finish Area


Elevation MapsFinish area and prizes

Once you have crossed the finish line please continue into Victoria Park Race Village.

Water station

Your race will finish on Victoria Road, here you will be funnelled into the park to a water station. Once you have taken your drink please move on from this area and go further into the park, to avoid congestion.

T-Shirt Collection

T-shirts were an optional extra this year. For those that have purchased a t-shirt in advance, these can be collected from Victoria Park Race Village.