That’s why we will be marking the first ever Seriously Social Week in May as part of a national campaign that showcases the work of charitable not-for-profit leisure trusts, like ours, putting people above profit, connecting communities and helping people to become healthier, happier and more creative, regardless of age or ability.

Seriously Social has been organised by national body Community Leisure UK. Starting Monday 27 - each day of the week will focus on a theme to show how companies like ours help create social impact and create happier, healthier communities.   Themes include Health & Wellbeing, Environment, Inclusion, Community and Employment & Skills.

Our members like Freedom Leisure don’t just deliver public leisure and cultural services, they support social change for the better every day of the week, 365 days a year. As charitable not-for-profits, they put people above profit. They are run by local people and have everyone’s best interests at heart. This week is about showcasing how they go above and beyond supporting individuals and communities. This is a selfless sector, quietly going about supporting people and communities every day. Not because it makes them money, but because it's the right thing to do. And we thought it was high time more people know about the great work they do and the difference they make.

Kirsty Cummings

CEO | Community Leisure UK

More than 110 Charitable Trusts and Social Enterprises deliver public leisure and culture in Scotland, Wales and Ireland as part of the Community Leisure UK network. Together in 2023 they: 

  • Welcomed more than 209 million visits
  • Worked with 170+ Local Authorities
  • Collaborated with more than 100,000 Community Groups
  • 73% Reduced Carbon Emissions
  • 63% provided warm spaces
  • 75% provided holiday food and activity programmes
  • Saved the state and NHS £893million through their work getting people more active and healthier*

We are proud to be active members of Community Leisure UK the network of genuine charitable leisure trusts operating with a social conscience, delivering social good when providing public leisure and culture services. Our core business isn’t about making profit, it is about purpose – helping people first. Supporting society to get healthier and happier, employing local people, creating safe spaces for everybody, connecting communities, working towards net zero and supporting people with quality health and wellbeing services for everybody regardless of age or ability. “Seriously Social is a brilliant way to showcase not only the difference we make but also why we do what we do.

Ivan Horsfall Turner

CEO | Freedom Leisure

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