Active Ageing Activities 

As a nation we have an ageing population - Whilst this is a positive outcome from improved health care and standards of living, our ageing populations are also costing our services millions of pounds due to inactivity. Of the 85,957 people living in the Forest of Dean, the greatest demographic are those aged between 45 - 69 years old which totals 31% of the population and 26,646 adults. 23.8% of the population are aged 65. We provide a wide range of programmes to encourage active ageing in FOD including Walking Football, Walking Netball, 50+ Swims, dedicated gym times and Dementia outreach opportunities.

Walking Netball

Walking Netball is a slowed down version of Netball, it's about getting a wiggle and a giggle on. Enjoy exercising in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment. Not sure whether you’ll like it? Come along for a free taster! There are sessions available throughout the week at freedomleisure Newent, Lydney, Cinderford and Sedbury .Please contact us for up and coming dates or further information.

Walk this way ladies! 

Walking Football

Walking Football is the slowed down version of the much loved game. It has great social, mental and physical benefits. Not sure whether you’ll like it? Come along for a free taster! There are sessions availible at freedomleisure Newent, Cinderford, Lydney and at the Angus Buchanan in Coleford. For more information including dates, times and price please contact us.

Fall back in love with the sport or introduce yourself to something new.

Unlimited Over 75 Swimming

Freedom Leisure are very pleased to offer £55 unlimited swimming for swimmers over 75 years old at our Freedom Leisure sites in Cinderford, Lydney and Newent.

Not found what you need?

Not found what you need?

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