My Ride Cycle Studio

Wrexham Waterworld has a brand new state of the art My Ride cycle studio that we can't wait to share with you!

MyRide Studio Coach (Virtual)

The MyRide Studio Coach app, which can be used in both personal and group training, offers immersive video with an onscreen coach motivating cyclists to get fitter, stronger and faster.

The app offers three program formats: drills (15-minute HIIT), fast-class (30-minute HIIT), and class (50-minute rides).

The programs include athletic-based strength, endurance and speed training with moti-vating music to keep participants energised and maximise their results.

MyRide Tour Coach (Virtual)

The MyRide Tour Coach app, also designed for both personal and group training, delivers video footage from different locations around the world and voice-over coaching to keep members ped-alling.

The scenery moves with the pedalling speed, allowing rid-ers to experience the terrain as they see it. The app also includes the class and fast-class formats.

Coach by Color® (CBC)

The Coach By Color® monitor makes training simple. It uses col-our as a form of communication between the trainer and the user to maximize instruction, motivation and reward during your workouts.

The monitor’s display lights up in one of five colored zones that matches the user’s WattRate® (power) output so they know immediately whether they need to turn up down the re-sistance dial. Plus, the integrated front LED display on each con-sole tells instructors when certain users are working too hard or not hard enough!The five colours represent different training zones.

These classes will be a 30 minute HIIT class.

MyRide Live

Myride®+ delivers a sensational Indoor Cycling video experience to our new Indoor Cycling studio. Our Myride classes will provide live classes to forward-motion videos.

Experience different ter-rains from uphill climbs in France to off road trails in the US, your instructor will design a full 45 minute class of virtual forward mo-tion cycling.