learn to swim (adult lessons)

At present Pool in the Park is the only public provider of swimming tuition for Woking Borough, offering over 200 lessons weekly for adults, children and customers with special needs.

payment  information

All customers must have a key card to enable them to book into the swim school. If you are entitled to a status rate there will be a cost of £8.00 for the card and it you are entitled to concession rate, there will be a cost of £5.50 for the card. These cards must be renewed annually at the cost stated.

Adults in the continuous programme can pay annually or monthly (Direct Debit).

You may cancel your membership at any time provided you give one clear calendar month’s written notice for direct debit members and one month’s clear calendar notice before your renewal date for annual members

Please be aware that if you start in a 30 minute class and move to a 45 minute class, the direct debit will be increased for the next available month payment. The same goes for moving from a 45 minute to a 30 minute but the cost will be decreased.


monthly direct debit / annual

   30 minute lessons    45 minute lessons
standard DD        
standard annual        
status DD        
status annual        
concession DD        
concession annual        


adult lessons

Adult lessons swim in a continuous programme which runs for 50 weeks of the year including state school holiday periods (2 weeks off at Christmas)

class information 

An assessment must be done before starting the lessons. The assessment is held on a Wednesday at 8pm in the teaching pool; cost is £3.75 for 15 minutes. Booking must be made in advance.


be water confident (teaching pool)      

To give swimmers the confidence to enter the water safely; the ability to move around the pool with confidence and to achieve basic core aquatic skills

be a swimmer 1
(teaching pool)
  Aims to give swimmers the skills to start swimming independently over short distances without support or swimming aids  
be a swimmer 2
(main pool)

Aims to give swimmers further skills to start swimming independently over short distances without support or swimming aids.

be a better swimmer
(main pool)

Gives swimmers the necessary skills to swim up to 400m independently as well as the confidence to try other activities, for example lane swimming or develop stamina for distance challenges

be a master swimmer
(main pool)

aims to provide swimmers with the necessary skills to confidently enters the Masters section of a swimming club or develop more advanced skills to enable them to compete in competitions


class programme

be water confident
Mondays:10.30am, 7.00pm, 7.30pm
Wednesdays: 7.00pm, 7.30pm

be a swimmer 1
Mondays: 9.00pm (45 minutes), 8.45pm (45 minutes)
Wednesdays:8.15pm (45 minutes)

be a swimmer 2
Mondays: 11.30am, 7.30pm, 8.00pm

be a master swimmer
Mondays: 11.30am

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