swim school (pre-school lessons)

At present Pool in the Park is the only public provider of swimming tuition for Woking Borough, offering over 200 lessons weekly for adults, children and customers with special needs. Supporting these we run holiday courses, dip-in courses and one-to-one lessons.

payment  information

All customers must have a key card to enable them to book into the swim school. Key cards also offer discounts for activities throughout the pool and leisure centre.

Concession key card £6 per year

Status key card £8.50 per year

Lesson fees can be paid annually in advance or monthly by Direct Debit.

You may cancel your membership at any time provided you give one clear calendar month’s written notice for direct debit members and one month’s clear calendar notice before your renewal date for annual members

class length monthly direct debit annual payment
30 minutes standard £ £
30 minutes status £ £
30 minutes concession £ £
45 minutes standard £ £
45 minutes status £ £
45 minutes concession £ £


pre-school children

All pre-school lessons swim in a continuous lesson programme which runs for 50 weeks of the year including state school holiday periods (2 weeks off at Christmas)

class information 

name     age range    description  requirement  
adult & child 1   6 months - 1 year   build water confidence through the use of toys and nursery rhymes accompanied  
adult & child 2   1-2 years   build water confidence through the use of toys and nursery rhymes accompanied  
adult & child 3   2 - 4 years   basic water skills with the introduction of swimming aids accompanied  
pre-school 2   3-4 years   progressed from adiult & child 3 unaccompanied  
pre-school 3   3-4 years   progressed from pre-school 2 unaccompanied  

class times

Please speak to reception to check availability in the class of your choice








adult &
child 1
  Mon 10.00am      pre-school
   Mon 9.30am
Thurs 1.15pm
Fri 9.30am
Fri 10.00am
Sat 10.30am
adult &
child 2
  Mon  9.30am
Tues 10.15am
Wed 9.30am
Thurs 10.15 am
Fri 10.00am
  Mon 11.30am
Mon 12.00pm
Wed 3.30pm
Thurs 10.00am
Fri 9.30am
Fri 10.00am
Sat 10.30am 
adult &
child 3
  Mon 10.00am
Tues 9.45am
Wed 9.30am 
Wed 10.00am
Thurs 9.15am
Thurs 9.45am
Fri 9.30am
Fri 1.30pm
Sat 8.30am

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