NEW leisure lagoon flumes are open!

Leisure Lagoon flumes are open!

August 9 2019

We have fantastic news to announce ...

The new Leisure Lagoon flumes are open!

This will be warmly awaited news for children and families, especially thrill seekers, looking for adventure this summer.

The Leisure Lagoon boasts two completely new medium rated flume rides, The Martian and The Time Traveller - designed for excitement, thrills and spills.

The Martian offers twists and turns in a translucent tunnel that speeds you to the splash bath, whilst the Time Traveler accelerates you down the time tunnel until you touch down at the bottom.


Following extensive testing of the new Leisure Lagoon flume rides, the rules for using the slides have now been amended.

The flumes have been assessed according to health and safety recommendations and tested for different scenarios and eventualities. The testing has included reviewing water flow rates, flume bath depths, different user age groups and options for double riding in order to ensure safety for all users.

The following rules apply to both The Martian and The Time Traveller flumes in addition to the existing user information and general pool safety guide (which can be found here):

Flume riders over 1.2m will be able to ride the flumes unaccompanied. 

Children from 4 years and above who are under the height restriction of 1.2m will be allowed to ride double rider with an adult aged 16+.

Freedom Leisure would like to thank customers for their understanding during this essential review of the new rides and look forward to many more flume fans being able to enjoy the slides.

Flume user information

Please make yourself aware of the safety regulations before you ride the flumes. There are age, height and weight restrictions for your safety. 
Please use this link to view the flume information PDF

The Leisure Lagoon is open  weekdays 10am - 6pm during school holidays, (starting Thursday 25 July), 9pm on Thursdays and 10am -5pm at weekends.

Please use the link below to see our online timetable for opening times