Virtual Studios

Our virtual studios provide exercise classes throughout the day allowing you to fit your workout around your lifestyle. Choose from indoor cycling classes with our MyRide virtual instructor or enjoy selecting from hundreds of different group exercise classes in our virtual studio.


MyRide offers the closest experience to outdoor cycling without ever having to negotiate the risks of traffic or vagaries of the British weather.

  • MyRide- A beginners class with a virtual instructor to guide you and to enable you to focus on correct technique and form.
  • MySportif- A progression from the MyRide classes. Still with the virtual instructor to guide you through your workout, but also takes in scenic views throughout your session.

Each class includes 5 minutes of bike set up and instruction to ensure you are set up safely and correctly.

MyRide levels:

  • Fat burn – Lower intensity work out suitable for all levels focusing on fat burning.
  • Cardio – Focuses on cardiovascular gains. Excellent for fat burning and fitness. Suitable for all levels.
  • Interval – Intermediate level of fitness required. Challenge the cardiovascular system by alternating high intensity and lower intensity levels. Ideal for fitness gains and fat burning.
  • Sports – Advanced levels of fitness required. Incorporates high intensity levels.

13 November: Myride Projector is out of order.

Classes will run with audio instruction only pending replacement of the faulty part - we apologise for any inconvenience.

Our virtual studios offer a greater choice of classes throughout the day and other off-peak times, so exercise can easily be arranged around busy schedules.

Jon Hames, Centre Manager

virtual studio

Our virtual classes offer state-of-the-art workouts throughout the day, outside of the scheduled peak time timetable, giving you amazing access to experienced tuition on the virtual screen helping you get fit and achieve your goals.

There’s a wide range of classes suitable for everyone, whether you’re looking for high-energy workouts for toning, or dance based classes to keep you moving and get your heart racing.

If you’ve never done a group fitness class, virtual classes can be a great place to find your feet. With amazing instructors up close and personal on the big screen you can get familiar with the choreography and perfect your technique in your own space!