Freedom Journey

Freedom Journey – evolving you

We do things differently at Withdean Sports Complex. When you join, you will be offered your first appointment with a Trainer. First? Yes, after that here are four more sessions.

Your first session will be with a trainer deemed best for you. They are all highly qualified but they also have specific knowledge in certain areas so the Membership Team will decide who suits you best.

The trainer will take time to get to know you and what you are wanting to achieve from choosing to come to Withdean. It is important to us that you are in the driving seat, we will not show you equipment that you say you don’t want to be using.

Once the initial goal/s are set out and a your plan is agreed, the trainer will show you whsat you need to do each time you come to the centre. How to activate your membership card for the activity – or activities – that you will be doing, they will then show you to the changing rooms and lockers. Once you are ready, the next step is finding the gym. (It’s at the top of the stairs).

What exactly you do in the gym during the session is down to what you and the trainer have agreed on. You have up to an hour scheduled with the trainer for your initial session. The purpose of having five coaching sessions is to gradually introduce you to different exercises to build up your training plan. We know that it can be a bit overwhelming when starting at a new training facility, so why rush it? At the end of your first session you can book into for your second one which will be for 30 mins.

Once you have completed your five coaching sessions, your support doesn’t end there. If you need our assistance at any time, just ask. You can book for a 30 minute Programme Review at any time, or you have the option of booking a personal training session (which is at an additional cost).

Ultimately, we are here to help you achieve whatever you are aiming for.  You don’t need to be fit before you start, but you do have to be willing to put in effort to get the results you want. You can achieve what you want but you have to want it and at Withdean Sports Complex, we have EVERYTHING you could possibly need to help you achieve it, so what are you waiting for? Be all you can be…..NOW.