Parkingeye at Withdean Sports Complex

We have teamed up with Parking Eye to introduce an ANPR camera system for our car parks at Withdean. With this new system it will help us to prioritise Withdean Sports Complex users and The Sportsman Pub customers.  

As a customer using the centre you will be able to park for 3 hours at no cost when using the centre. Customers wishing to stay longer can register their car at reception for an extended stay.

Parkingeye are members of the British Parking Association (member number 30189) and its approved operator scheme.



Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Parking Eye, please do not hesitate to contact us if your questions can't be answered below. 

  1. Q) What is Parking Eye?
  2. A) Parking Eye uses ANPR technology to manage the car park usage. ANPR stands for Automatic Number Plate Recognition and is used to detect vehicle number plates. It is typically used in car parks using ANPR cameras to monitor and record vehicle activity.
  3. Q) Why is Parking Eye being put in place in the car park at Withdean Sports Complex?
  4. A) With limited parking available it is important that we prioritise the users of the Sports Complex especially now that we have additional facilities coming shortly in the form of 3 x Padel Tennis courts, 4 x small sided 3G Pitches and a Soft Play facility.
  5. Q) Where is there information regarding what parking tariffs apply?
  6. A) Withdean Sports Complex will have information inside the building detailing the terms and conditions for parking and there will be detailed signage throughout the car park.
  7. Q) I am a customer visiting Withdean Sports Complex - how do I register my vehicle and is there a charge for parking?
  8. A) There is no need to register, as all car park users will be automatically be given 3 hours free car parking from the point they enter the car park.
  9. Q) What happens if my activity lasts for more than 3 hours?
  10. A) You will need to speak to the team at reception on arrival who will verify your activities and will extend your stay in the car park as required with your vehicle registration.
  11. Q) What about parking if the Centre is closed?
  12. A) 3 hours free car parking will apply at all times. Daytime and night time tariffs will also still apply regardless of whether the centre is open or closed..
  13. Q) How do I pay for overnight parking?
  14. A) Follow the directions on the ‘How to pay/Pay by phone’ notices located in the car park.               
  15. Q) If I drive in and am unable to park will I get a penalty charge?
  16. A) No- anyone accessing the car aprks will received 3hours free parking.
  17. Q) How much is the parking fine if I park without complying with the terms and conditions?
  18. A) Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will result in a parking charge of: £100 this is reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days. Freedom Leisure/Withdean Sports Complex/Brighton & Hove City Council do not receive any of the money generated by fines.
  19. Q) How do I appeal against a fine?
  20. A) You will need to follow the appeals process with Parking Eye. The Withdean Sports Complex team are not responsible for the issuing of fines or the appeals process.
  21. Q) I am a blue badge holder – can I still park without penalty?
  22. A) Blue Badge parking is for Withdean Sports Complex and The Sportsman Pub customers only and the same terms apply for all users, you will receive 3hours free parking. Thereafter a payment will be required
  23. Q) How will I be notified/pay my PCN
  24. A) This will be sent to you in the post directly from Parking Eye. Your PCN will detail how and where the fine can be paid.