Climbing at Wirksworth - the FACE

The Face is well renowned across the region for being an excellent facility and for having some of the most experienced climbing instructors around; it's also very popular due to its relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As well as being great fun and a very satisfying skill to have under your belt, climbing is also a fantastic way to keep fit and develop strength and muscle tone.

The Wall

 The Face climbing centre was constructed by leading UK climbing manufacturers, Entre-Prises, D. R. Climbing Walls and King Kong climbing walls. The face consists of a fully featured bouldering wall with up to sixty set boulder problems at any one time, seventeen lead and top rope walls containing up to 85 routes and a 10m abseil platform, ideal for training.

The walls consist of a variety of angles, features include slabs, overhangs, corners plus a fully featured leading wall containing full height crack climbing route.  Our routes are set by our in-house CWMA accredited route setting team. With routes and boulder problems being changed on a weekly basis there is always sure to be a new challenge every time you visit!

The Climbing Wall's Specifications:

  • 10m lead wall
  • 180m² of lead / top roping wall
  • 100m² of featured bouldering wall
  • routes suitable for beginners to experts
  • belay abseil / rigging / abseil training platform

Bouldering Wall

Our extensive bouldering wall is designed with you in mind. Fully featured, it is designed to have a "real crag feel'' and aims to bring the outdoors, indoors. Ideal for training and suitable for all.

July 2013 saw the installation of a brand new bouldering mat and additional features were added to the wall surface to ensure the wall remains fresh and interesting.

introduction to climbing course

This course equips you with the skills necessary to become a member of 'The Face' climbing wall. The course will cover safe use of equipment, belaying techniques, knot tying , movement coaching and climbing wall etiquette. You will be under the care and guidance of one of our experienced and qualified team. A close ratio of one instructor to four clients will ensure you receive quality instruction and walk away confident to climb independently and share the experience with your friends.

The Course is for those aged 14+, and consists of two sessions on consecutive weeks. Just give us a call and we'll find a time that suits!  


Adult: £45.00
Child: £30.20

Please note the above price includes two sessions of two hours duration and upon completion, your membership to the wall.

Please book in advance by contacting reception by either method listed above.


junior climbing club

'Face' junior climbing club, Fun, Active, Challenging and Exciting! Our ever popular classes led by instructors with years of experience are designed with progression in mind. 

Our syllabus has been created specifically to ensure your child has a structured and thorough approach to their coaching over four incremental stages.

Level 1- Basic skills- belaying safely, knot tying and FUNdementals of movement.

Level 2- Intermediate skills- route reading, grading systems and specifics of movement.

Level 3- Advanced skills- Lead climbing, consolidation of movement. Bouldering. 

Junior Face- Ongoing bespoke coaching which is tailored individually to your childs progression and development.

As well as all these skills climbing is an ideal way for your child to make new friends, improve their self confidence, foster an attitude of achievement and ultimately, have fun!  

Each child that takes part in Junior Climbing Club must have a parental consent form completed before taking part in the activity.

Due to high demand for the junior climb courses please contact reception for current availability to avoid disappointment.

the face indoor climbing wall merchandise

 Wirksworth Leisure Centre and The Face Indoor Climbing Wall sell a wide selection of The Face merchandise including hoodies, beanies and t-shirts in a variety of colours and sizes; plus climbing equipment from some of the top climbing brands.

We also hire out equipment.


Item Price
The Face Kids Hoodie £12.00
The Face Kids T-Shirt £8.99
The Face Adult Hoodie with No Zip £15.00
Dm Chalk Balls £3.00
Dm Crush Chalk bag £6.50
Dm Crush Chalk Tub £5.00
Dm Chalk Bags £13.00
Dm Chalk Bag £4.50
Dm Boulder Bucket £20.00
Dm Karibener Master £14.00
Dm Karabener Aero £11.00
Dm Karabener Rhino £14.00
Dm Belay Beetle £15.00
Dm Fingertape £4.00
Dm Harness Viper £55.00
Dm Harness Alpine £45.00
Dm Rope Bag £27.50
Dm Wee B Kids £42.00
Dm tom Kitt Harness £48.00
Dm Harness Weebee Lady £54.99
Dm Harness Weebee £44.99
Dm Chalk Bag Lucky £12.50
Dm Beetle Master Kit £25.00
Dm Bouldering Brush £5.00

Conditions of use

 Wirksworth Leisure Centre recognises that climbing is an activity with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants of climbing should be aware of these risks.
  1. Climbers are advised not to attempt to climb beyond your level of competence.
  2. All users of the wall should note that the climbing walls are unsupervised.
  3. Climbers shall belay standing up and to the correct side of the belay line using a recognised belay device.
  4. 14 to 17 years old must have their parents/guardians written consent and demonstrate their proficiency in safe climbing to a climbing instructor, to be able to gain unsupervised access.
  5. Under 14 year olds must be supervised throughout their visit by a responsible adult member or instructor. In addition their parent/guardian must complete a written consent form.
  6. When lead climbing or bouldering climbers should be aware of the full potential of other climbers.
  7. Solo climbing is restricted to the bouldering wall only.
  8. Please report any default or loose holds to reception.
  9. Lower off's routes 1-10. When top roping a route, please ensure that only the screw gate is clipped. When lowering off after lead climbing please only clip the snap gate. Please do not clip both.
  10. Lower off's route 11 – 17 please ensure your rope passes through both the top rope karabiners on routes
  11. All climbers must tie in directly to the harness using a figure of eight or bowline. Not via karabiner.
  12. All climbers must belay from the belay loop or one rope loop, this includes full body harness and alpine body harness.
  13. The use of wire brushes, alterations to the wall, chalking up of own problems is strictly forbidden.
  14. We insist in the removal of all hardware from harness whilst bouldering.
  15. The Council recommends the removal of all jewellery before climbing.
  16. The management of Wirksworth Leisure Centre reserves the right to stop individuals climbing if their behaviour or practices are considered unsafe to themselves or others.
  17. The management reserves the right in reasonable circumstances to refuse entry or to ask people to leave the premises, but will only do so as a last resort, such as when a person is clearly under the influence of alcohol.
  18. Climbers should be made aware of other climbers and their actions and take precautions when necessary.
  19. Group instruction is only to take place by prior arrangement by qualified instructors. (SPA, MIA, MIC, BMG)
  20. Do not interfere with or remove any instructor's equipment or holds. Top ropes must not be removed for use on other routes.
  21. You must not untie from the rope at any time whist climbing on the wall.
  22. When leading all quick draws must be clipped in sequence.
  23. All accidents or near misses must be reported to reception immediately.
  24. Under no circumstances, must any climber protect themselves using self-belay techniques, whilst using the lead or top rope walls.


Climbing Equipment Montage


 Equipment Hire 

Item Hire Price
Harness £2.10
Belay & Karabiner £2.10
Shoes £2.10
Helmet £2.10

All items are available at our reception desk.  Please speak to a member of staff for further details.