Gym Tots - Totton

Gym Tots

Children love to climb, run, jump and tumble around the house. In fact a small child's body is his or her best learning tool. It is tough, durable and extremely strong for its size. What better way is there to teach a child than through his/her body? This is what our Gym Tots programme sets out to do safely, in an environment that they find interesting and fun.

Age How to book
1 - 4yrs
To book visit reception or call 023 8200 0299. Payments can be made either by direct debit at £22.50 per month or you can pay annually. 


Course price Monthly Annual
40 - 60 minute course £22.50 £225

days and times

Ages Days and times
1-2 years Tuesdays 2.25pm & Thursdays 10.45am
2-3 years Mondays 10.45am, Tuesdays 12.55pm & Thursdays 11.30am
3-4 years Mondays 11.30am, Tuesdays 1.40pm & Thursdays 12.15pm