Gym Tots will be returning to Applemore and Totton only from Monday 6 September

Gym Tots

Children love to climb, run, jump and tumble around the house. In fact a small child's body is his or her best learning tool. It is tough, durable and extremely strong for its size. What better way is there to teach a child than through his/her body? This is what our Gym Tots programme sets out to do safely, in an environment that they find interesting and fun.

Age How to book
To book visit your preferred club. Payments can be made either by direct debit at £21.00 per month or you can pay annually. 5 months – toddling sessions can be purchased on a 'pay as you go basis' at £6.00 per session (only at Totton Health and Leisure).


Course price Monthly Annual
40-60 minute course £21 £210