Adult & Child Lessons

Adult & Child Lessons

Adult and Child  5 months - 18 months

Monday 10am

Tuesday 9:30am

Wednesday 10am 

Thursday 10:30am

Saturday 10am

Adult and Child  18 months - 3yrs

Monday 10:30am

Tuesday 10am 

Wednesday 10:30am

Thursday 11am  

Saturday 10.30am/11am

Adult and Child 3yrs+

Monday 11am

Tuesday 10.30am 

Wednesday 11am

Thursday 11am

Saturday 11.30am 

50 Week Group Swimming Lessons

50 Week Group Swimming Lessons

Stage 1 (4yrs+) 

This class will introduce and improve the three main swimming strokes. Pupils will also learn new water skills such as floating, basic safety awareness, water confidence and swimming underwater.

Monday 4pm, 4.30pm, 5pm, 5.30pm

Stage 2

Monday 4pm, 4:30pm

Older beginners 

Monday 5pm, 5:30pm

Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult Swimming Lessons

Our adult lessons are designed for pupils aged 16 years and over. If you have never swum before and would like to learn how to swim, or would like to brush up on your strokes, we have a class for you. All classes are taught by qualified instructors who recognise individual needs and will work on them through gentle practise.

Adult beginners - Tuesday 12pm, 12.30pm

What's included

Free Swim Hat

Free Swimming

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