Kit out the nation!

August 31 2021

The Pemberton Centre are delighted to be supporting Kit Out the Nation!

Kit Out The Nation

4th September - 16th October

Working with BBC Radio Northampton, Freedom Leisure North Northants

Freedom Leisure is delighted to be supporting Kit out the Nation to help provide sports equipment to children and young people who need it in order to get more active.

What is this campaign about?

Kit Out the Nation’ is a BBC month long Make a Difference campaign  aimed at taking in and distributing unwanted, good condition sports kit and getting it to children and teenagers who need it.  It will mirror the ‘Give a Laptop’ campaign, working with partners around the country. 

Why are we doing this?

We’ve long known of the issue around access to sport and exercise because of the affordability of kit.  The situation has been compounded by the pandemic and this is our chance to help to improve that situation. 

If you have good condition sports kit that you don't need, don't want anymore or is simply lying around unused, you could make a real difference to a young person's ability to access sport by donating this.

Donations can be made directly to The Pemberton Centre (during centre operating hours)

For further information on Kit out the Nation please visit the BBC website here.