holiday activities

during the school holiday periods we programme a selection of workshops and courses across a variety of creative disciplines for children and young people aged 2 to 16 years. these exciting courses take place both on site, at our centres, and off site at venues around the district of tandridge.

summer holiday showtime!

the highly acclaimed show Defrosted for all the family!

A big bonkers blast of fun with super-duo Cat & Nicko (Spot Bots Mermaid, CBeebies). Love that frozen film or hate it, you will laugh your pants off and get snow in July! Join these lovable clowns and the magical freezer for silliness, songs and Parodies; the kids save the day.

“Funny from the moment they strut onto the stage” Broadway Baby

“Defrosted is an iced Gem… Silly for all the right reasons” Fringe Review ****

STV’S Best Children’s Shows Edinburgh festival 2015 

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tandridge leisure centre: tuesday 24 july (approximately 1 hour), 3pm
tickets £6

star wars

drama workshop for 7 – 12yrs 

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Theatre Exchange actors put their heads together and discovered a princess who needed to be rescued, a galaxy that needed to be defended and as in all good stories – an evil baddie who needed to be destroyed. Come and join us for a day of fun, drama games, costume, props and a thrilling performance for friends and family at the end of the workshop. Please bring: a drink and a snack

tandridge leisure centre: wednesday 1 august, 1 – 4pm  
£11.40 member / £13.20 non member (includes all materials)

west end musical mash up!

musical theatre workshop for 6 – 11yrs

Join our professional dance tutor Laurie as she takes you on a journey through some of your favourite Musical Numbers. Are you a dancing queen, a lion king, or do you have a passion for fashion like Joseph and his coat of many colours? Rehearse the routines and be ready to dazzle your friends and family at the end performance. You will need: clothes you can move in and a drink.

tandridge leisure centre: thursday 26 july, 1.30 – 3.30pm  
£10 member / £11 non member 

the stories of beatrix potter 

creative storytelling and movement for 2 ½ – 5yrs

Bring some of Beatrix Potter’s loved characters to life as we tell stories and play games that fully immerse ourselves in the magical world she created

Creative storytelling and Movement or 2 ½ – 5yrs

Bring some of Beatrix Potter’s loved characters to life as we tell stories and play games that fully immerse ourselves in the magical world she created.

tandridge leisure centre: monday 30 july, 2 – 3pm  
£8.40 member / £9.40 non member

pottery workshop - make and paint

art workshop for 5 – 10yrs

Join local artist and potter Heidi of Dolphin Dream Pottery for a day of clay. You choose what you want to make, be it a fancy plate or a pinch pot animal. Once you have got your hands dirty and created your designs then it’s on to the painting!! Your creation will be taken away and fired in Heidi’s kiln ready for you to pick up two weeks later and take home. Please bring: a snack and drink

tandridge leisure centre: wednesday 15 august, 1 – 3.30pm  
£18.20 member / £19.60 non member (includes all materials)

a right royal tots tea party

dress up play and arts and craft for 2 ½ to 5yrs 

Fun activity for parents and pre-schoolers. Come dressed as a king or queen a prince or princess and the crowds will cheer! Make a crown to take home with you and have a posh high tea with the queen herself!!

tandridge leisure centre: thursday 2 august, 12 – 1pm
£6.50 per child



a right royal crafting

arts and craft workshop for 5 – 8yrs

With the royal wedding and a new baby prince being born there is lots to celebrate about the royal family. Come and get crafty for an afternoon of fun doing and making. Craft will include colour a Corgi, craft a corsage and create your own crown.


tandridge leisure centre (activity room): thursday 2 august, 2 – 3.30pm
£8.40 member / £9.40 non member

bake and bounce

baking and soft play for 4 – 7yrs

Make your yummy cakes and whilst your cakes are baking you can have fun on our bouncy castle and ball pit. Once you are all bounced out you can decorate your cakes with colourful icing and exciting sprinkles. You will need: socks and a drink

tandridge leisure centre: wednesday 25 july, 2.30 - 4.30pm
£9.20 member / £10 non member 




You choose! the magical unicorn

Adventure drama workshop for 7 – 11yrs

Join the Theatre Exchange actors as the take you on a story telling journey where you decide where the story goes. We will transport you back to a medieval village where you will go on a quest to find the ultimate healing power of the Magical Unicorn!


Tandridge Leisure Centre: Monday 13 August, 1 – 3.30pm

Member £11.40 / Non member £13.20

Magic show with Patches

Silly fun magic for 3 – 7yrs

If you like to laugh be silly and have fun then this is the show for you!! Our fun children’s entertainer Patches needs your help!! She tries really hard to perform her magic tricks but always gets it wrong. If only the audience could help her get it right!!


Tandridge Leisure Centre; Wednesday 8 of August, 3 – 4pm

Member £5 / Non member £6

Rugby Tots

Rugby workshop for 2½ - 5yrs

Come and learn the basics of Rugby with our wonderful coach Dom. Your children will learn throwing and catching, kicking and jumping in a fun filled colourful environment.


Tandridge Leisure Centre: Wednesday 22 August, 1.00 – 1.40pm, and Wednesday 29 August,1.00 – 1.40pm

£5 per child

Summer disco time

Fun disco for 4 – 7yrs

All the latest songs and old classics will be played at this fun filled junior disco. Get your glad rags on and dance the afternoon away! Bubbles, games, prizes, party dances, snow machine and so much more.


Tandridge Leisure Centre: Wednesday 29 August, 2.30 – 4.30pm

Member £9.40 / Non member £10.40

Oliver and Annie

Dance and singing workshop 5 – 8yrs

Food glorious food, it’s a hard knock life and other classic songs will have you tapping your feet and singing your hearts out. Join Laurie our professional Dancer as she teaches you a fun routine combining both musicals, and show all your hard work at the end to friends and family. You will need: Clothes you can move in and a drink.


Tandridge Leisure Centre: Thursday 30  August, 1.30 – 3.30pm

Member £10 / Non member £11


dance workout for 7-13yrs

Routine-based, functional training dance workout for all ages with Emily BH Fitness. Big Sister or Mum can join in too or you may want to strut your stuff alone, come along - have fun, feel fit and dance, dance, dance! Need: clothes you can move in.


tandridge leisure centre: tuesday 7 august,  2 - 3pm                                 

member £4.50 / non member £5.50

Special holiday Splash Dance

Music and features session ‘previously known as Splash Disco’ for 8 - 12yrs.


Tandridge Leisure Centre: 3 and 24 August, 7 - 9pm



This class is for children aged 4 years and over. The week’s crash course will introduce and improve upon their swimming strokes. Pupils will also learn new water skills such as floating, underwater swimming which will improve their water confidence.


week 1: monday 23 july – friday 27 july

10-10:30am / 10:30-11am

£26 member / £30 non member


week 2: monday 30 july – friday 3 august

10-10:30am / 10:30-11am

£26 member / £30 non member


week 3: monday 6 august – friday 10 august

(4 day course from tuesday 7 august – friday 10 august)

10-10:30am / 10:30-11am

£20.80 member / £24 non member


week 4: monday 13 august – friday 17 august

10-10:30am / 10:30-11am

£26 member / £30 non member


week 5: monday 20 august – friday 24 august

10-10:30am / 10:30-11am

£26 member / £30 non member


Week 6: Tuesday 28 August – Friday 31 August

10-10:30am / 10:30-11am

£26 member / £30 non member


This class is aimed at children aged 5 years and over and who can swim 10 metres using front crawl and back crawl. During the week pupils will be encouraged to improve their swimming strokes and breathing techniques.

Pupils will learn new water skills such as sitting dives, floating and under water swimming.


Week 1: Monday 23 July – Friday 27 July

10-10:30am / 10:30-11am


Week 6: Tuesday 28 August – Friday 31 August

10-10:30am / 10:30-11am

£26 member / £30 non member


During this weeks course you will learn special lifesaving skills to help you save yourself and know what to do if others get into difficulty in the water. This is a fun and informative course for children aged 8yrs+ (pupils need to be competent swimmers). You will need: T-shirt and shorts to swim in (on top of swimwear).


Week 2: Monday 30 July – Friday 3 August


Member £30 / Non member £35

Adult and child

5 months - 3 yrs

These sessions introduce children to a swimming environment through games and song. Basic stroke techniques will be introduced. Parent/Guardian must be in the water at all times.


Week 4: Monday 13 August – Friday 17 August


£26 member / £30 non member

Improve Breaststroke

Whether you are learning breaststroke or need to improve your breaststroke, during this course the stroke will be broken down for you practise and understand.


Week 3: Monday 6 August – Friday 10 August


£26 member / £30 non member

Improve Butterfly

Join our weeks course to introduce and improve your butterfly. You will use fins to assist you with your stroke.


Week 3: Monday 6 August – Friday 10 August


£26 member / £30 non member

Water polo / Flip n Fun

This exciting crash course will introduce your child to water polo and Diving. Each day will be a different skill, learning the egg beater leg action or learning to dive safely into the water.


Week 5: Monday 20 August – Friday 24 August


£30 member / £35 non member                       

Advance stamina

This class is suitable for confident swimmers who want to improve their swimming strokes including butterfly and breaststroke. This crash course will build upon your child’s stamina and introduce them to competitive turns.


Week 4: Monday 13 August – Friday 17 August

10-10:30am / 10:30-11am

£26 member / £30 non member


This class is suitable for stronger swimmers aged from 7 years who can swim at least 15 metres. Stroke techniques will be built upon. Other skills including diving and sculling will be improved.


Week 6: Tuesday 28 August – Friday 31 August


£26 member / £30 non member

contact us for more information or call 01883 716717