This Girl Can

This Girl Can programme for women across Brighton and Hove

January 11 2022

Our winter/spring taster programme is kicking off in January, empowering every Brighton woman to take control of their fitness, smash through those stereotypes and prove 'This Girl Can'

We have a range of classes tailor made by our in house women's fitness team that will be taking place at the King Alfred Leisure Centre. From yoga to boxing we have a session to suit everyone. No matter your fitness levels, age or ability we want to help you look after your body and mind, whilst having fun and meeting other women.

There are so many obstacles that keep women from exercising, and so many aspects of our lives that aren't recognised by gyms and sports groups. We want to change that. Our team are here to get real with you.

Whether you are going through puberty, the menopause, pregnancy, injury, health problems, mental health struggles or are just feeling a bit unmotivated, we want to support you and your goals. No topic is off the table, the leaders of these sessions want to be your health and fitness mentors. Conversation will be flowing, equipment is provided and all classes can be adjusted to suit your needs.

And it's only £2 a session! So what's stopping you?

Every Thursday at 6pm at King Alfred Leisure Centre

27.01 Dance Fit  

03.02 Circuits

10.02 Yoga

17.02 Dance

24.02 Gym Workout

03.03 Body Pump

10.03 Body Balance  

17.03 HIIT

24.03 Hatton Boxing 

31.03 Combat Fit

07.04 Meditation 

14.04 Fitness Pilates

Natal classes TBC

All classes cost just £2

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No one gets to choose how you exercise other than you. Your body, your call. And whatever that looks like, we think it’s worth celebrating. This Girl Can, funded by The National Lottery, believes that there’s no “right” way to get active. However you jiggle, kick, lift, stretch, or sprint, it’s time to get moving how you damn please.