Squash at Stafford Leisure Centre

Fancy a game of squash at Stafford Leisure Centre?

Our squash courts are available to be booked by anybody with a Freedom Leisure membership. These can be booked over the telephone, and can be booked up to six days in advance. The court is hired for 40 mintes. We take bookings for squash courts from 9am in the morning.

Racquet hire is also available from the main reception.

£7.70 Adults
£3.85 Concessions 
£1.49 Racquet Hire

Health benefits of Squash

improves cardiovascular health

Anyone who’s ever walked out of a squash court dripping in sweat will be able to tell you that with all the running, jumping, diving and darting it is giving your heart and lungs the greatest of workouts.

improves agility and flexibility

Each game of squash brings with it numerous opportunities to dart forward, leap backwards, twist, bend and sprint. It’s hard to keep up as a beginner but over time you’ll see that your game improves as your body adapts to these new stresses. Squash encourages players to change direction and movement at rapid intervals, developing skills of agility and nimbleness that no other sport can come close to.

improves strength and fitness

Bursts of power are a common feature of squash, whether it’s darting for the ball, sudden changes of direction, or striking the ball with everything you have. These explosive actions coupled with sustained movement help tone your legs, arms and core as well as having a positive effect on your cardio health.

helps with weight loss

From start to finish each player is continually on the move, continually using making demands on their muscles with very little recovery time, burning a shed load of calories each game. In fact, in a 30 minute squash session you’ll be burning an average of 500 calories!