School Holiday Activities

April half term holiday activities in Stafford, Stone & Rowley Park for children aged 8-13 years old!

The April half term is on it's way! Our holiday activity programmes have plenty of holiday fun for children aged between 8-13 in Stafford borough, keeping them active and entertained.

Children attending the activities will have plenty of opportunities to socialise and learn lots of new skills from taking part in a range of sports, leisure and craft activities at our fantastic facilities in the borough including Stafford Leisure Centre, Stone Leisure Centre and Rowley Park.

If your children are mad about dodgeball, football and many more sports we’ve got them covered. We also enjoy a range of other activities including arts and crafts, team based challenges and many more.


 Week 1: (6th April - 8th April)

Multi Mix

Monday - Stafford Leisure Centre - 08:30-16:00

Tuesday - Stone Leisure Centre - 08:30-16:00

Wednesday - Stafford Leisure Centre - 08:30-16:00

Week 2: (14th April - 17th April)

Multi Mix

Tuesday - Stafford Leisure Centre - 08:30-16:00

Wednesday - Stafford Leisure Centre - 08:30-16:00

Thursday - Stone Leisure Centre - 08:30-16:00

Friday - Rowley Park - 08:30-16:00


My children had just the best time thank you so much for looking after them, they'll sleep well tonight