Personal Training

January 6 2022

Do you need some extra support, motivation or inspiration to help you start your fitness journey or achieve your health, fitness and weight loss goals?!...

The highly qualified personal trainers at St Johns Sports Centre can get you fitter, healthier and help you to reach your goals faster!

Start your fitness journey today with these Personal Trainer PACKAGES

Personal Trainer Packages:


Personal Training Session 


Personal Training & Programme


4 x Personal Training Sessions


10 x Personal Training Sessions 



Introduction to Fitness - £99.00 

This Personal Training package is ideal for beginners!

You will plan and complete a 30 day training programme focusing on the basics!  

Includes: 4 x Personal Training sessions, goal setting, a programme and nutrition advice to keep you on track so you can get the results you want! 




Yes.. 30 minutes is enough!  

10 x 30 minute Personal Training Sessions


IF YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT personal training BUT NOT QUITE SURE.. WHY NOT BOOK IN FOR A 30 MINUTE  taster with one of our PTs


About me:I have been working in the fitness industry for over 20yrs and as a personal trainer pride myself on being able to put people at their ease with my friendly approach.I believe that being fit and healthy gives you the freedom and confidence to lead an active and fulfilling life.I enjoy trail running, weight training, mountain biking, hiking, scuba diving and travel. And of course my job as personal trainer

Specialist Areas: Nutrition and Weight management, advanced cardio and resistance training, Weight loss, Fitness for running programmes, Level 4 GP Referral Specialist, Studio Cycling Instructor and Circuit Training Instructor.

Training Tip: Never give up

Greatest Accomplishments: Transforming my life from a flabby very shy unfit size 16 to a fit and toned self-confident size 10 – and staying there!! 

Winning the off-road running league at my local running club. The result of lots of training, lots of very tough races - lots of obstacles, hills, mountains, and mud!!

Winning the British Championships 30 mile raft rowing river race.   

Favourite Quote: “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up” - Dean Karnazes an American ultramarathon runner

Favourite Food:Peanut butter but not too much!! 


About me: 24 Years Old, sport and fitness fanatic. Very recently have been involved with both bodybuilding and powerlifting training, with the former allowing me to lose 50kg of body mass within a 9 month period. Key believer in prevention over a cure and therefore really drive emphasis into good lifting technique. 

Specialist Area: Strength Gain, Fat Loss, Sport Specific, Rehabilitation

Training Tip: Always listen to your body, the key to progression is sufficient rest.

Greatest Accomplishment: Running half a marathon during the first lockdown, I have never been a runner and I've never run more than 5k so that was something I never thought I would achieve.

Favourite Quote: 'A little bit of progress each day will add up to big results, you don't have to be extreme, just consistent'

Favourite Food: Chicken Thighs covered in hot sauce.