Children love to climb and we offer a variety of climbing classes aimed providing a fun and structured way to improve their climbing, build confidence and make new friends.


5 – 7 Year Old Classes

Aimed at our younger climbers these classes are fun filled sessions aimed at establishing the fundamental basics of climbing such as correct fitting of personal equipment, basic climbing techniques and movement on rock. Belaying is not taught during these classes allowing children to focus solely on climbing and having fun.


Levels 1 & 2 – Introductory Climbers

Level 1 climbers learn the basic skills required to fit personal climbing equipment, as well as an awareness of how to set up and operate a belay device. Basic climbing techniques are also covered.

Level 2 climbers further develop the skills acquired in level 1 and will learn the skills required to safely operate a belay device. Climbing techniques are also covered in greater detail and the range of climbing moves increased.


Levels 3 & 4 – Intermediate Climbers

Level 3 climbers have reached a standard where they can independently operate and belay other climbers. Students now focus upon more technical elements of climbing as well as perfecting personal climbing technique.

Level 4 Climbers are independent climbers capable of making appropriate route selection, reading a route and executing appropriate climbing technique and efficient movement on the wall.


Level 5 – Advanced & Lead Climbers

Level 5 climbers will have the full range of techniques and skills required to climb and belay independently. They will be versed in the full range of climbing techniques available, move effectively on rock and be capable of adapting climbing style to match that of climb being undertaken. Improvement is maintained through exercises and conditioning, personal goal setting and detailed analysis of personal climbing technique. Level 5 climbers are also introduced lead climbing.


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