National Exercise Referral Scheme

The National Exercise Referral Scheme is designed to help inactive adults who are at risk of poor health or have a pre-existing condition to become more active.

NERS – Powys (National Exercise Referral Scheme)

If you are inactive and suffer from at least one of the following conditions: (Medical criteria do apply)

  • Overweight
  • Raised Blood Pressure
  • Raised Cholesterol
  • Controlled Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • CHD Risk Factors

Then you could undertake a structured, fully supervised activity session, at a level to suit you.  This would involve a referral from your Health Professional, Practice Nurse or General Practitioner and a commitment to attend twice a week for up to16 weeks, 3 consultations and 2 fitness assessments.

The programme costs £2 per session and all consultations and assessments are free of charge.

If you want to make physical activity a regular part of your weekly life style, then the scheme could help you achieve this. We have a number of NERS services and sessions available at Rhayader Leisure Centre, these include

NERS – Generic Exercise Referral – for those who are inactive, who may have one or more chronic condition or have completed a NERS L4 service.

NERS – Community Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase IV – for those with a previous cardiac history.

NERS – Community Based Cancer Rehabilitation L4 – for cancer survivors.

NERS – Mental Health L4 – for those with specific diagnosed mental health condition.

NERS – Exercise and Weight Management L4 – for those with a BMI of 35>

The scheme runs for 16 consecutive weeks. The activity periods consist of 2 fully supervised group-based sessions each week. The activity sessions are either fitness suite or sports hall based and are available at specific times of the day.


Powys NERS Phase IV - Cardiac Rehabilitation

If you have coronary heart disease you may be eligible for our NERS Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation programme. This is a fun 16 week exercise programme for people like you, who want to live a healthier life.

If you’ve recently taken part in Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation, or your GP advises that you meet the criteria, you could come along and join other like-minded people. All sessions are delivered by our highly qualified instructors.

“The potential benefits of physical activity to health are huge. If a medication existed which had a similar effect, it would be regarded as a ‘wonder drug’ or ‘miracle cure’ ” Professor Sir Liam Donaldson, 2010.